For nearly 40 years, Exactech has manufactured various medical devices sold across the United States and all over the world, specializing in devices that can be surgically implanted as replacements for injured or degrading joints. However, in 2021, the company issued a nationwide recall for every knee and ankle joint replacement device they produced after 2004. This sudden recall was due to a defect in the product’s packaging that made it much more likely for a critical component in the implant to dangerously degrade after being implanted.

If a degraded implant manufactured by Exactech caused you physical harm, you might have grounds to file a lawsuit. Our proactive product liability attorneys at OnderLaw can help you demand compensation for all losses incurred by the defective implant.

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What Made Exactech Implants Defective?

All of the Exactech implants the company has now recalled have a polyethylene insert component that plays a crucial role in the implant’s overall functionality. When exposed to oxygen, polyethylene undergoes a chemical process called oxidization, which can greatly decrease its durability. That means implants must be sealed in airtight packaging and not exposed to oxygen during the packing process.

Unfortunately, between 2004 and 2021, a flaw in Exactech’s packing process allowed these polyethylene inserts to be exposed to oxygen during packaging. This allowed them to oxidize and made them substantially more likely to degrade abnormally quickly after being implanted inside a patient’s body. As a result, the devices were prone to premature failure and sometimes caused serious discomfort and even structural damage to the joints of patients who had them implanted.

Possible Grounds for an Exactech Claim

Like every company that makes and sells medical products, Exactech has a duty to ensure everything they manufacture is free of unreasonably dangerous defects. Unfortunately, Exactech has a long history of cutting corners when testing certain devices. They took advantage of the FDA’s 510(k) expedited approval process for many of their joint replacement products despite knowing—in some cases for years—that the products had an abnormally high failure rate.

The specific Exactech product lines recalled for the defect mentioned above include:

  • OPTETRAK Logic

Anyone who had one of these Exactech products implanted between 2004 and 2021 and then experienced harm through a premature failure of their implant may have grounds for civil litigation. These grounds are based on the company’s failure to ensure consistency in its manufacturing and packaging process, as well as its failure to properly warn about potential hazards associated with the product.

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Talk to a Qualified Attorney About a Possible Exactech Lawsuit

While product liability lawsuits have been filed over Exactech joint replacement products in the past without much success, there is now much more publicly available information about exactly what was wrong with these products and exactly how Exactech breached its duty of care towards consumers. This means there may be a much better chance of people injured by Exactech products getting fairly compensated for their injuries and subsequent losses.

Exactech lawsuits can be complicated and require expert testimony and other critical evidence, so we strongly encourage you to seek guidance from a capable legal professional. Contact OnderLaw today to get the dedicated representation you deserve.