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DePuy Knee Failure

Knee Replacement Systems from DePuy Have Failed Prematurely, Numerous DePuy Knee Problems

DePuy knee problems affect a significant percentage of consumers who have been implanted with DePuy knee systems. DePuy knee components have been found to fail early due to product defects and design flaws. DePuy knee problems include severe pain and suffering, the need for invasive revision surgery, permanent and irreversible joint injuries to the tissue and bone, and in some case, life-threatening complications.

Our attorneys believe that persons and the families of persons who have been harmed by DePuy knee defects may be entitled to significant compensation through filing DePuy knee problems claims against the company. This section includes detailed information about DePuy knee problems and defects.

DePuy Knee Failure

Failure of a DePuy knee system becomes apparent when a patient that has already recovered from knee replacement surgery begins to experience a resurgence of problems with their new joint. In the most extreme cases, patients have reported DePuy knee failure symptoms surfacing in a matter of months following their knee replacement surgery. In many cases, a faulty DePuy knee lasts a year or two before the problem becomes apparent. Common symptoms of DePuy knee failure include:

Loose or Unstable Joint:  Signs that DePuy knee failure has caused the the joint to become unstable include hyperextension and a feeling the knee is giving out. DePuy knee failure can cause damage to the ligaments and tissues nearby when the joint becomes unstable.

Pain: Pain may range from minor to constant or throbbing to severe and persistent pain when the joint is under stress, depending on which parts have failed.

Swelling: When the knee looks swollen, the joint is likely inflamed–indicating a possible complication with the device

Heat at the joint: Joint replacement patients are familiar with a feeling of heat at the implantation site because it is a normal condition of the healing process. When this sensation returns long after the recovery period, heat at the joint is a sign of DePuy knee problems.

Patients who are suffering from one or more of these symptoms should consult with their physician for medical treatment.

DePuy Knee Systems

Problems with DePuy joint replacement parts have been ongoing for years. A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, DePuy offers a wide variety of joint replacement parts, including several different DePuy knee and hip systems. Approximately 660,000 persons undergo knee replacement surgery each year in the United States, expecting to regain use of their knees without pain.

Knee replacement systems are intended to last 15 years, and many older Americans undergo the invasive surgery (known as arthroplasty) in order to prolong their physical activity.  In addition to a complex surgery, knee replacement necessitates extensive physical therapy, both in preparation for the surgery and for a 12-week rehabilitation period afterwards.

DePuy knee systems are comprehensive joint replacement parts, which replace the weight-bearing parts of the damaged joint with artificial components made of metal and plastic.

DePuy Knee Revision Surgery

Persons who experience early DePuy knee failure are forced to undergo revision surgery to remove the faulty parts and replace them with a new knee replacement system, a procedure which is far more invasive and damaging than the initial surgery.

The artificial joint components must be attached to the bone in place of the original damaged joint; each time this is done, the patient is likely to experience some bone loss. Persons who are forced to undergo revision surgery for a defective DePuy knee will experience exacerbated bone and joint damage that may cause permanent damage and preclude them from future joint replacements.

Recovery from revision surgery following DePuy knee failure typically can take 6 months.

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