When you suffer a serious injury while doing your job, the future may look bleak. If these injuries are severe enough to keep you out of work for the foreseeable future or even to cause permanent injuries, you may be wondering how you will support yourself or your family. Thankfully, state law requires almost every employer in Pevely to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. These plans provide medical care, temporary income, and payments for a permanent disability that can help injured or ill employees.

Even so, you must take the proper steps to file a claim, and a failure to do this on time can harm your chances of collecting the benefits you deserve. Knowing how to apply for workers’ compensation in Pevely can determine whether you receive proper payments. Our experienced workers’ comp lawyers at OnderLaw can help address any questions you may have about the claims process. We will be on your side and by your side every step of the way.

When Must an Employee Notify Their Employer?

An employee has the right to apply for workers’ compensation benefits immediately after the incident occurs. To accomplish this, an employee must first provide a written notice to their employer. Missouri Revised Statute § 287.127 says that workers must give this notice to their employer no more than 30 days after the incident occurs, or they receive a diagnosis of a disease. In addition, this notice should include:

  • The name and address of the employee
  • The time and place of the accident
  • The nature and cause of the accident and injury

This gives the employer proper notice that the injury occurred and allows them to mount a defense in case of a dispute. Sadly, these disputes are common and may concern the extent of an injury and whether it was work-related. Our knowledgeable attorneys can provide more information about the legal requirement of employees to notify their employers about the facts that led to a workplace injury or illness in Pevely.

Failing to Provide Proper Notice Can Complicate a Claim

Applying for workers’ compensation benefits is as simple as providing your employer with notice of a workplace injury; however, this does not guarantee you will receive the benefits you deserve.

An employer or the workers’ compensation insurance company may dispute the facts that resulted in your injury. They may allege that the injury was not related to your time on the job, or that an illness has no connection to the performance of work duties. They could also accuse you of causing your own injury through horseplay or drug or alcohol use on the job.

Submitting a proper notice of injury helps defeat these defense tactics. Our trusted legal professionals at OnderLaw can help you draft formal letters that serve as notice of an injury, as well as an application for workers’ compensation benefits in Pevely. We are familiar with the insurance companies’ tactics and will not let them bully you into admitting fault or accepting less than what you need to recover. We know this is about much more than a claim; this is your life. Allow our dedicated attorneys to fight for what is right.

Knowing How to Apply for Workers’ Compensation in Pevely is the First Step to Receiving Benefits

Anyone who suffers an injury or occupational illness as a result of doing their job has the right to receive workers’ compensation benefits. These can include payments for medical bills, temporary income relief, and any permanent injuries.

However, these payments are never automatic, and state laws require employees to notify their employers about the incident. This involves providing a written statement to their boss that includes information about the event and the employee.

Working with one of our reliable lawyers can help you complete this process and avoid unnecessary delays in receiving the benefits you need to recover. Our experienced attorneys at OnderLaw can work to craft detailed notification letters that meet the relevant standards. They can also aid you in collecting supporting documentation such as medical records or workplace incident reports. Contact us today to learn more about how to apply for workers’ compensation benefits in Pevely.