State law requires all employers with at least five employees to retain a valid workers’ compensation insurance policy. However, this does not mean that an employee who makes a claim against this policy will receive benefits. Workers’ compensation only applies when a person suffers an illness or injury caused by doing their job. In addition, this condition must be sufficiently serious to keep the employee from being able to work for a significant time.

If you’re failing to prove either of these concepts, you may be denied workers’ compensation benefits. A Pevely workers’ compensation denial lawyer at OnderLaw can help you if you have been denied. Our experienced workers’ comp denial attorneys can explain the key components of a workers’ compensation claim and review the reasons your claim was rejected. Once we understand the particulars of your case, we can help you file an appeal with the state and fight for the fair payments you need to recover from your injury.

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Denials Due to a Lack of Connection to Work Duties

Perhaps the most common reason for denials of workers’ compensation claims in Pevely is an employee failing to prove that their injury was caused by their job. In some examples, this could be because a doctor didn’t connect an injury to things like repetitive motions or exposure to dangerous conditions at a work site. In other cases, there may not be an obvious link between an accident and a medical diagnosis.

Missouri Revised Statutes § 287.020 says that a compensable injury or illness is one that arises out of a person performing their usual work duties. It doesn’t matter who was at fault or if a machine or other equipment had wear and tear over time.

Even with this in mind, failing to connect a condition and work duties is a common reason for a denial. A knowledgeable Pevely workers’ compensation denial attorney at OnderLaw can provide more information about state laws concerning work injuries and obtain further information that helps make this vital connection.

Denials Because of a Lack of Serious Injury

Another essential part of any workers’ compensation case is showing that an injury or illness was severe enough to keep an employee off the job. More specifically, people cannot receive cash benefits unless their condition forces them to miss at least three days of work.

As a result, obtaining proper medical attention is always extremely important following a workplace injury. Letting a doctor know that a condition is because of an incident at work lets them make notes in records connecting a diagnosis to the performance of job duties. In addition, following up with all necessary rehabilitation or therapy appointments decreases the likelihood that insurance companies will contest the seriousness of a condition. A workers’ compensation denial lawyer at OnderLaw can further explain state laws concerning the severity of injuries and workers’ compensation claims.

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Receiving a denial on a workers’ compensation insurance claim can be a frustrating and devastating event. You may be relying on this insurance coverage to pay for medical care and provide financial stability for you or your family. For many people, denial of a workers’ comp claim can be a serious situation. Once we help you identify why an insurance company has denied a claim, we can help you gather more evidence to refute this denial.

A Pevely workers’ compensation denial lawyer at OnderLaw can help. We can help you connect an injury to your job duties and prove that your injuries are serious. Our proactive team of attorneys can also evaluate why you were denied and get to work gathering additional information to appeal. Reach out today to get started.