Receiving workers’ compensation benefits can make the difference between being able to continue to support your family and falling behind on bills. A successful case will see an insurance company pay for medical care needed to treat your condition, as well as the receipt of partial wage reimbursement for as long as your condition keeps you out of work.

Sadly, many claims end with denials. This may be for a variety of reasons. However, all people who receive denials can pursue an appeal. This triggers legal processes that allow you to introduce new evidence in the case and have an impartial judge issue a ruling.

A Pevely workers’ compensation appeals lawyer can evaluate the reason for a denial, obtain new evidence to help your case, and pursue an appeal that demands the benefits you deserve. At OnderLaw, we don’t just take on cases; we take on causes. Allow our reliable workers’ comp attorneys to take on yours.

Identifying the Reason for a Denial

A denial of a workers’ compensation claim may take on many forms. In every example, an insurance company must state on their denial letter their exact reason for not paying a claim.

One common example is an inability to make a connection between an employee doing their job and the injury or illness. Missouri Revised Statutes § 287.020 defines a workplace accident as an unexpected traumatic event or unexpected strain that arises during the course of a single work shift. Similarly, employees may attempt to collect benefits by demonstrating a diagnosis of an occupational disease. Under MO Rev. Stat. § 287.067, this is a medical condition—such as difficulty breathing or cancer—that was the product of them performing their job.

A trusted Pevely workers’ compensation appeals attorney can provide further information about the common reasons why insurance companies deny workers’ compensation claims during an initial consultation.

Seeking a Resolution Through an Appeal

Every employee who receives a denial for a workers’ compensation claim has the right to pursue an appeal. An appeal might also be appropriate when a proposed benefits package does not fit the severity of a worker’s injuries.

The Department of Labor recommends that all parties to disputes participate in an alternative dispute resolution program, bringing both sides to the negotiating table to discuss their differences and hopefully resolve the claim.

If a case does not end with a settlement, all parties have the right to request a full hearing. Here, an administrative law judge will listen to testimony, collect documentary evidence, and decide what benefits are appropriate.

Even if the judge does not return a favorable decision, parties can still pursue a further appeal with the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission. This commission can review the ruling of the judge to determine if any error of law has affected the rights of an injured worker. If so, the commission can award compensation that overrules the judge’s decision.

A dedicated Pevely workers’ comp appeals lawyer at OnderLaw is ready to guide you through the state’s appeals process. We will be on and by your side every step of the way, fighting relentlessly for the fair payments you need and deserve to move forward with your life.

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When you receive a denial on your claim for workers’ compensation benefits, you do not need to accept this outcome. All people who receive denials have the opportunity to pursue an appeal through the state. This can include participating in mediation sessions or having full trials to determine the validity of a claim.

A Pevely workers’ compensation appeals lawyer at OnderLaw can help you pursue your appeal. We are ready to evaluate the reason for a denial, build powerful cases that connect your condition to your time spent on the job, and present persuasive arguments during negotiations and trials. Contact us today to get the dedicated representation you deserve.