Thousands of commercial trucks and tractor-trailers pass through Pevely daily on their way to or from St. Louis along Interstate 55. Every year, a few of these vehicles inevitably get into accidents, often with devastating or fatal consequences.

When careless truckers or trucking companies cause collisions, injured victims have the right to hold them financially accountable. A crash with a multi-ton semi or big rig can cause severe injuries and long-term losses. A knowledgeable Pevely truck accident lawyer at OnderLaw knows how to accurately assess the value of your claim and fight for the compensation you need to make things right.

Insurance companies will try to downplay your injuries and offer you less than you deserve. Our dedicated injury attorneys will protect your rights and stand up to anyone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Who Is Responsible for a Truck Wreck?

Making someone else pay for the negative effects of a truck accident involves proving that the accident would likely never have happened without that person’s negligence. This refers to reckless or careless actions that go against the person’s legal duty to act responsibly. All motorists in Missouri have a duty to follow traffic laws and watch out for other vehicles and people while driving. Truck drivers have additional obligations to obey federal trucking regulations and state laws.

Anyone who causes a wreck because they violated the law—for example, by speeding, merging without signaling, or driving drunk—could be considered at fault for the incident. However, negligence can also be as minor as looking away from the road or losing focus behind the wheel. Our skilled lawyers in Pevely can investigate a trucking accident for evidence of another person’s negligence.

Third-Party Liability for Truck Crashes

Truck drivers are not the only people who could be responsible for a trucking accident. The responsible party may not have even been at the collision site. A trucking company that forces its drivers to stay on the road while fatigued or a mechanic who fails to replace a faulty part could also be to blame for a crash. The dedicated Pevely lawyers at our firm work to determine who might be at fault for your truck accident and take legal action against them.

Types of Compensation for a Truck Crash

A truck accident lawsuit should account for any past and future losses connected to your injuries. These losses can include financial, physical, and emotional forms of harm, such as:

  • Current and future medical bills related to the incident
  • Lost income and working ability
  • Vehicle damage and other property damage
  • Physical and psychological pain and suffering
  • Lost consortium
  • Lost enjoyment of life

The exact value of your claim will depend on your specific injuries, how long they are expected to last, and what effect they might have on your life. At OnderLaw, our caring truck accident lawyers are here to listen to your story, understand the impact of the crash on your life, and fight for justice on your behalf.

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Collisions with tractor-trailers can have life-altering repercussions for you and your family. Guidance from capable legal counsel will make a huge difference in how effectively you can demand compensation from the people responsible for your injuries.

A conversation with a skilled Pevely truck accident lawyer is the first step in taking back your life after a painful incident. OnderLaw will stand with you in your time of need and provide the tireless support you deserve. Call us today to learn how we can help you take back your power.