Slipping or tripping unexpectedly can lead to severe injuries when you land on a hard surface or at an awkward angle. As harmful as these incidents are, they can also be exceptionally difficult to win compensation over, especially if you try to pursue a lawsuit on your own.

Luckily, you don’t have to take on your case alone.

At OnderLaw, we know how devastating a bad fall can be. Our hard-working Pevely slip and fall lawyers are committed to holding careless property owners accountable and helping our community members recover from severe accidents. We have a track record of over $4 billion in compensation recovered on behalf of our clients and two decades of experience serving injured people like you. Our skilled injury attorneys will do whatever it takes to win your case and get the compensation you deserve, whether that involves working with our in-house medical experts, hiring private investigators, or using accident recreation technology to prove your case in court.

How Negligence Can Cause a Slip and Fall

It’s important to understand that Missouri landowners are not automatically liable for every accident on their property. The specific duty a property owner owes to a visitor depends on the person’s reason for visiting the property. Residential property owners generally have different duties than owners of stores and other public places.

In general, a property owner may be responsible for a slip and fall accident if they know about—or should have known about—an unreasonably dangerous condition on their property and failed to do anything to fix the issue or warn visitors about it. Our experienced trip and falls attorneys in Pevely can examine the circumstances of your slip and fall, explain your legal options, and help pursue a claim against the person responsible.

Seeking Fair Compensation Within Filing Deadlines

A comprehensive lawsuit or settlement demand for a slip and fall accident can pursue various types of compensation. Your claim should account for your short-term losses, like medical expenses, and any long-term harm you will experience because of your injuries. For example, someone who breaks their arm by slipping on untreated ice outside a storefront might need to pursue compensation for emergency medical bills, missed work income, physical pain, and lost quality of life.

A severe fall can cause permanent and debilitating damage that affects a victim for the rest of their life. However, Missouri Revised Statutes § 516.120 sets a time limit of five years in most slip and fall cases for victims to begin pursuing claims. While this might seem like a lot of time, this filing period can pass quickly when dealing with serious injuries. The sooner you contact our dedicated Pevely slip and fall attorneys, the sooner we can begin working on getting the compensation you need for the harm you didn’t deserve.

Talk to a Pevely Slip and Fall Attorney About Legal Options

Sudden falls can have devastating and long-lasting repercussions. When you trip and injure yourself because of dangerous conditions on someone else’s property, you can pursue compensation for your medical expenses and other losses. However, these claims are difficult to win without experienced legal counsel on your side.

A knowledgeable Pevely slip and fall lawyer at OnderLaw can answer your questions and offer legal advice during a confidential consultation. From start to finish of your settlement negotiations or civil court trial, our team will be your guiding hand and staunch allies. Call us today to discuss your situation and learn how we can take up your cause.