Burns can be life-altering injuries that cause years of pain and scarring. They are even more devastating when you know your injuries could have been avoided if someone had acted more responsibly. Regardless of whether the incident was intentional or an act of negligence, people who cause fires and burn injury accidents should be held accountable for the consequences. You shouldn’t have to suffer the financial costs of a severe injury on top of what you’ve already been through.

A dedicated Pevely burn injury lawyer at OnderLaw will be your advocate and guiding hand in the aftermath of a traumatic accident. On the legal side, our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys will identify the liable parties, calculate all of your losses, and secure the compensation you deserve. On the personal side, we will stand with you every step of the way, supporting you in your time of need. We are proud of our commitment to helping our friends and neighbors take back their lives.

Burn Injury Classifications

Most people have experienced first and second-degree burns at some point in their lives. These injuries only involve only the outermost layers of skin. Sunburns, most kitchen burns, and other minor accidental burns often heal without medical intervention beyond first aid. However, some second-degree burns might require skin grafts if they involve a large area of skin. Even minor burns could cause scarring, significant physical discomfort, and emotional distress.

Burns that penetrate the inner layers of skin are more severe and long-lasting. The National Institutes of Health explains that third, fourth, and fifth-degree burns penetrate the full thickness of skin, the fat layer, and the muscle, respectively. A sixth-degree burn penetrates bone. Severe burns require extensive medical intervention, including lengthy hospital stays, multiple surgeries, and a painful recovery. These injuries will likely lead to lifelong physical impairments.

Regardless of the degree of burn you suffered, OnderLaw is here to support you in your recovery and help you get the resources you need. Our friends and neighbors in Pevely have relied on our burn injury attorneys for over two decades. They know they can count on us to be there when they need us.

Burns Often Result from Negligence

A burn could happen in various ways. Many burns result from contact with heat or flames, but exposure to radiation, chemicals, and electricity can also produce severe injuries. Motorcycle riders might suffer burns in an accident if their body contacts the hot exhaust pipe. Burn injuries might result from exploding household appliances like coffee makers and pressure cookers. Electrocution and industrial accidents commonly cause severe burns.

Regardless of your circumstances, our skilled attorneys in Pevely will investigate the accident and determine who was responsible for your burn injuries. We will handle every aspect of your case to get the compensation you need to make your best recovery. The negligent parties should be the ones to pay for your losses, not you. Our burn lawyers will take up your cause and fight for justice.

Seeking Compensation for Burn Injuries in Pevely

A minor to moderate burn could prevent you from working or doing your daily activities for weeks—or even months. A severe burn could leave you permanently disabled, unable to return to work, and saddled with astronomical medical bills after months of specialized treatment. You and your family may be under significant financial stress and looking for any form of relief. Unfortunately, insurance companies will try to take advantage of your suffering.

Insurance representatives may approach you and your family with a settlement offer. Even if they act friendly or caring about your condition, don’t be fooled. Their goal is to settle your case far cheaper than your claim’s true value. Without legal representation to inform them of their rights, burn victims and their families may be tempted to accept these lowball offers.

The caring Pevely burn injury lawyers at OnderLaw will be on your side and by your side, fighting for the compensation you deserve and standing up to the insurance companies. Our attorneys could negotiate with your medical providers and other creditors to ensure your family does not face harassing bill collection efforts during your recovery. We will ensure that any settlement offer adequately covers what you are entitled to—otherwise, we are prepared to take your case to court. We don’t just take on cases. We take on causes.

Pevely Burn Injury Attorney

Burns are painful and traumatic injuries that can force you to take time off work and reconsider significant life decisions. Recovery is often slow, physically painful, and emotionally draining. Some severe burns may never fully recover.

You deserve tireless support during this difficult time. A hard-working Pevely burn injury lawyer can give you peace of mind that your case is in good hands while you focus on yourself and your family. OnderLaw is with you every step of the way. Call us today to speak with our caring attorneys about your situation.