The hills and curves of Jefferson County can make for breathtaking drives, but their beauty can also be dangerous. Car accidents are common in the Pevely area and throughout Missouri, often resulting in severe injuries.

If you experienced a traffic collision caused by someone else, you might be struggling to deal with expensive medical bills, lost time at work, physical pain, and emotional trauma. Unfortunately, all-too-often the only way to recuperate enough money to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, and ongoing medical needs is to file a lawsuit. That can be harder than you might think.

No one looks forward to taking someone to court, but seeking payment through a lawsuit or settlement may be the only way to get the resources you need to move forward with your life. Most of the time, it’s not the other driver who you must sue; it’s their insurance company. These companies do all they can to convince you to settle for less than you are entitled to receive, and unless you have a lawyer, they won’t negotiate.

A Pevely car accident lawyer at OnderLaw can help you pursue compensation and stand by your side throughout the legal process. Insurance companies are not your friends, even if they seem to care about you. They know you don’t know your rights and will try to take advantage of you without legal counsel to stand up for your best interests.

Let the dedicated personal injury attorneys at our firm be your steadfast allies. We are prepared to take up your cause and demand the payments you deserve from negligent drivers and their insurance companies.

Proving Another Driver was Negligent in a Car Crash

Whenever two vehicles collide, at least one driver must take the blame for the incident. Proving that another driver was responsible for the accident is the core of any car crash lawsuit. The most direct way to achieve this is to show that another driver was negligent.

To demonstrate negligence, our skilled Pevely car accident attorneys must prove the following:

  • That the other driver owed you a duty to protect your well-being
  • That the other driver’s actions or inactions violated this duty
  • That the other driver’s violation caused a physical injury

The insurance company or other defendants will likely accuse you of being at least partially at fault. They will try to trick or bully you into accepting a lowball settlement offer. Our diligent Pevely car crash lawyers stand up for your rights and demand that the liable parties pay what you deserve.

What to Do after a Car Wreck in Pevely

After a collision, you can take a few simple steps to improve your chances of filing a successful claim.

Seek Medical Treatment

Be sure to obtain any needed emergency medical treatment. Not only is this important in preserving your health, but the sooner a doctor can diagnose your injuries, the more power this information has in settlement negotiations.

Call the Police

After being involved in a car crash, you should call the police. The responding officer will write a report that provides a clear version of events. This report may state that the defendant driver received a citation, such as for speeding or improper lane changes. If this is the case, this is powerful evidence that the defendant was negligent.

Take Pictures and Get Contact Information for Witnesses

If you are able, take pictures of the scene: the resting places of the cars, any damage to the vehicles, whether there are any traffic control devices present, and the weather at the time of the crash. It is also a good idea to get the contact information of any witnesses to the crash. Simply having a name and phone number could help insurance agents and attorneys better understand the crash. Our local attorneys can help gather this information and build a strong car accident claim on your behalf.

Contact an Attorney

After calling the police and seeking any necessary medical attention, you should contact a Pevely auto accident lawyer at OnderLaw to begin building a car crash claim. It is critical to start the case as quickly as possible. In most situations, Missouri Revised Statute §  516.120 gives you five years after a crash to demand compensation.

Consult a Pevely Car Accident Attorney Today

At OnderLaw, we understand how a car crash can have a debilitating impact on your life. Even a seemingly minor injury may require weeks of treatment and rehabilitation. You may be missing time at work and enduring severe mental anguish. A car accident lawsuit against the driver responsible for your crash and/or their insurance company is often your best chance at recovering compensation for your losses.

Throughout the legal process, a Pevely car accident lawyer at our firm is not just on your side—we are by your side. We will take care of every aspect of your case, from gathering evidence and building your claim, to sending demand letters to insurance companies.

We are proud of our commitment to helping car crash survivors and their families take back their lives. Contact us today to get the guidance and support you need.