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We’ve all seen the commercials. Insurance companies use cute animals or lovable characters to earn our trust—and to distract from what’s really happening when we submit accident claims. These mascots may be charming, but the cold, hard truth it this: Insurance companies are not on your side. Behind the fun is an array of tactics routinely used to discourage claims, reduce claim value, minimize injuries and even deny claims. The result is that real victims are deprived of the full compensation they deserve, at a time when they need it most.

What’s worse is that most insurance companies know that they can short-change accident victims by using their lack of knowledge against them. These videos are intended to educate on the many tactics used, that accident victims may likewise be armed with the important information they need, and why it is important to have a lawyer to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve in a timely fashion.

Mascots are cute - but they're not your friends.


Nothing moves faster than an insurance company trying to get to you before you can talk with an attorney. When you’ve been in an accident, they count on the fact that you probably don’t know all of your rights, and the last thing they want to do is give you a chance to talk with “the L word” — a lawyer. No matter how nice they seem, be cautious when an insurance company that tells you that you don’t need an attorney. Behind their smiles and charm is an industry that makes billions of dollars in profits by resolving claims for as little as possible. When you Get Jim, you stop them in their tracks. They know the gig is up and that they’ll have to pay all of what you are entitled to receive.

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Every state has what’s called a statute of limitations that limits the amount of time you have to file a legal claim. Insurance companies know this, so they’ll keep you distracted while the time ticks away. They’re hoping to sweep your claim under the rug by paying you a minimal amount, exhausting the amount of time you have to take them to court, or better yet (for them), giving up completely. When you Get Jim, they get real.

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Can you imagine going to a car dealership and offering $500 for a brand new car? Of course you wouldn’t do that because both you and the dealer know the car’s value. But every day, insurance companies make lowball offers for accident claims knowing that you probably aren’t aware of how much they’re really worth. No matter how nice they seem, how cute they look, or how convincing they can be, insurance companies are not on your side. When you Get Jim, you get the right advice and the money you deserve.

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The Pre-Existing Condition

After an accident, insurance companies often run your medical history looking for pre-existing conditions. That broken ankle you had in grade school? The headache you went to the doctor for last year? How about your back pain diagnosis from 10 years ago? It may be lame, but insurance companies will claim every one of these as pre-existing conditions so that they can avoid paying you what you deserve. Even doctors who work for insurance companies can have a sinister side. They can make big money making sure you don’t get paid. They can make big money to minimize your injury and lower your recovery. When you Get Jim, not only do you get real representation, you get real money for your injuries.

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Have you had a run-in with insurance companies and realized they are NOT your friends?

Let Us Help

Continuing a 100-year tradition, Jim and the OnderLaw team stand up against insurance companies and their tactics to get clients the compensation they deserve. We know that, underneath the charm is a serious business where money rules.
We’ve uncovered the truth and fight back—with the law.

OnderLaw protects your legal rights. With OnderLaw, what you see is what you get. We don’t need gimmicks because we’re the real thing.

*OnderLaw merged with Hullverson Law (1922-2022)

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