When you are involved in a train accident or crash, you may be wondering what your legal options are and if you could be owed compensation for what happened to you. When a railroad accident injures a member of the general public—such as a motorist who was legally crossing the tracks—these incidents often occur because one or more parties were negligent.

You may want to speak with a Maryland Heights railroad injury lawyer at OnderLaw if you have been involved in a railroad crossing accident. Taking legal action on your own can be next to impossible, as these cases often involve large railroad entities and insurance companies with a team of lawyers who will do everything possible to hinder your financial recovery. One of our experienced injury attorneys can review your case and advise whether you may be entitled to compensation for the harm you sustained, while outlining an effective strategy to seek every penny you are owed.

Liability in Railroad Injury Cases

A Maryland Heights attorney could carefully examine the events that led to a railroad injury to determine what party or parties might be liable for the incident. Railroad crossing accidents can typically be attributed to various negligent causes. For example, if the train engineer was tired or intoxicated, neglected to turn on the horn to signal the train’s approach to those nearby, or operated the train at a dangerous, excessive speed, any such negligent actions could lead to a determination of liability.

Alternatively, the underlying cause of a serious or deadly railroad crossing accident may be a mechanical issue with the train. For example, a defective wheel or other problem with the train’s equipment could risk derailment, endangering motorists, pedestrians, or anyone else in the vicinity. In other situations, the railroad track, crossing gate, or crossing light could have some type of defect or hazard that results in a horrible accident.

Sometimes, the legal fault for a railroad accident goes back to the negligent actions of a motorist, such as a driver who crossed when it was illegal to do so and caused a horrific collision. The bottom line is that multiple factors can lead to a railroad crossing accident, which means that more than one party could be liable for your injuries.

These parties could include the railroad company, railroad employees, the company that manufactured the train, and even state or federal government entities. Our diligent attorneys at OnderLaw can launch a thorough investigation into the matter, speak with witnesses, and review all available evidence to make that determination and pursue the comprehensive compensation you may be entitled to receive.

Seeking Payments for Railroad Accident Injuries

Any railroad crossing incident has the potential to inflict grave and deadly physical injuries on any motorists or pedestrians involved. These injuries could lead to permanent harm that changes the trajectory of your life, your ability to work, or live in any way as you did before.

Railroad accident injuries can range from broken and fractured bones to internal injuries to the organs and nerves to brain and spinal cord injuries. In addition to the physical trauma inflicted by these types of accidents, the psychological anguish and suffering can stay with you for a lifetime.

Our compassionate Maryland Heights railroad injury attorneys can help you seek compensation for the economic and non-economic damages stemming from your accident. Economic damages include losses like medical bills, lost wages, and property damage, while non-economic damages could cover the cost of your pain, suffering, and emotional anguish from what happened.

Get Experienced Legal Representation from a Maryland Heights Railroad Injury Attorney

When it comes to filing a lawsuit after a railroad injury, you need to make sure that you have aggressive legal representation on your side from the start. Our attorneys understand how much is at stake and know that the insurance company will do anything and everything they can to avoid paying out your claim.

Our trusted team at OnderLaw has faced big corporations and insurance companies on behalf of those injured in railroad crossing accidents many times in the past. A Maryland Heights railroad injury lawyer will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you need and deserve for your physical, emotional, psychological, and financial harm from the accident. Call our office today to speak with a caring attorney about your potential claim in a free, one-on-one legal consultation and discuss the best next steps for your railroad injury case.