Human beings drive both commercial and public buses, and they make errors just like anyone else operating a motor vehicle can. Unfortunately, since bus drivers are driving massive vehicles that potentially have dozens of people on board, the consequences that could stem from their negligent driving are uniquely severe.

When carelessness by a bus driver or company, public transit authority, or anyone else leads to you getting hurt, seek help from a skilled Maryland Heights bus accident lawyer at OnderLaw.

Insurance companies are not on your side in situations like this, but our dedicated personal injury attorneys will not just on your side, but by your side every step of the way through your settlement negotiations or—if necessary—civil lawsuit. We are committed to helping people like you in our local communities seek the justice they deserve.

Who Could Be Responsible for a Bus-Related Injury?

As “common carriers” responsible for transporting human beings rather than cargo, bus drivers and the companies which employ them have an especially broad duty of care. This includes acting responsibly and keeping passengers—as well as other people around their bus—safe from harm. Accordingly, a bus driver who causes an accident or injures you by violating traffic laws or simply not paying attention could be held legally accountable for your damages.

However, it is generally more advantageous to avoid filing suit against a single bus driver and instead pursue compensation from the company or public transit entity they work for. Most of the time, bus companies and public transit agencies can be held vicariously liable for negligence by their employees or even directly liable for their own negligent business practices.

In other situations, the primary fault for a bus-related injury may lie with:

  • Another driver who crashed into a bus
  • A mechanic that did not service a bus properly
  • A manufacturer that provided faulty components

A diligent Maryland Heights bus accident attorney at OnderLaw can assist with identifying who holds the blame for a specific incident and taking appropriate legal action against them.

Deadlines for Pursuing Bus Accident Lawsuits

When filing suit against a privately owned bus company over a personal injury, the applicable filing deadline is almost always five years after the date the injury first occurred, per Missouri Revised Statutes § 516.120. However, this deadline does not apply to personal injury claims against government entities, including public transit authorities like Metro St. Louis.

In these cases, you typically have just 90 days after an accident to formally begin the claims process against the government entity or city you intend to name as defendant(s). Needless to say, support from a proactive lawyer at OnderLaw can be critical to obtaining a favorable case result following a public bus accident in or around Maryland Heights.

Talk to a Maryland Heights Bus Accident Attorney About Your Legal Options

Bus crashes are thankfully rare, but when they happen, they can cause serious injuries to multiple people at once. Getting paid fairly for injuries you sustained in this type of accident can be extremely challenging without professional legal support, regardless of how your accident happened or how much evidence seems to support your side of the story.

Working closely with a Maryland Heights bus accident lawyer at OnderLaw can dramatically improve your chances of getting the compensation you need to fully recover from your injuries and move forward with your life. Our team will fight for the payments you deserve for the harm you should’ve never suffered. Call today to learn how we can take up your cause.