One of the most painful experiences in life is the loss of a loved one. There is no way to replace their presence in your life, and the grief can be overwhelming. If their death was unexpected and caused by someone else’s negligence, the hurt has no limit. You and your family have been wronged in the worst possible way, and that demands attention.

Although nothing can replace the person you’ve lost, there may be compensation available to help cover the emotional, mental, or financial hardship that follows a wrongful death. You need a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to help you hold the liable parties responsible and obtain the recovery you need to help you move forward.

That is why we are here. At OnderLaw , we take those responsible for wrongful death to task. We make sure that they are held accountable and that you and your family are served to the best of our ability.

If someone you love has died unexpectedly and another person or a company was at fault, our compassionate, friendly, and committed staff is standing by on the phone or online 24/7 to hear your story and defend your family. Your initial consultation is free.

Do I Need a Wrongful Death Attorney?

Processing tragedy while trying to deal with all the necessary arrangements is challenging. You are hurting and exhausted. Taking care of funeral plans, financial allocations, law enforcement, and potentially even insurance companies will drain all your resources in a time when you are barely hanging on. You don’t have to face all of these challenges on your own.

We understand the emotional and mental stresses of situations like these. It is important that all of your trauma is heard and honored.

With OnderLaw on board, you can be confident that our attorneys will do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on finding a new way forward. In light of the difficulties you face, securing a seasoned, compassionate lawyer can be the difference between just getting by and getting full compensation that will allow you to take the time you need to heal.

The right lawyer will also keep you informed about your case and protect you from the parties responsible for the accident. When dealing with anyone that has caused a wrongful death, especially businesses and insurance companies, it is important to keep in mind that they will do everything they can to protect themselves and to save money. That means they will try to deal with your case as quickly as possible, and try to pay you the smallest amount they can get away with.

You are suffering while they are trying to save money and move on. Your pain matters, and your voice needs to be heard.

When dealing with insurance companies, it is best that you say as little as possible until you have talked with your lawyer. Everything that you say may be used against you in your case. You may receive a settlement offer in the very beginning from the insurer, but they will likely try to lowball you, and their offer likely won’t take into consideration all the elements of compensation you deserve. A skilled lawyer will prevent that from happening.

Why OnderLaw ?

At OnderLaw , we make it our number one priority to build relationships with our clients. You are not just another case to us. We approach every client as if you were our own family member. We have spent the better part of the last two decades building our reputation by making sure that families just like yours get the help they need.

The first thing we do is to get to know you and your family. We make ourselves available in every way that we can. Having open lines of communication helps us connect with you and understand your goals. Establishing that relationship from the beginning gives us the tools we need to stand and fight with that extra edge.

No company is too big and no case is too small for us to take on. Our team is fearless and will not back down from anyone. We are here for you.

Our reach spans the nation, and we have collected numerous awards for our work. We have secured well over $3 billion in awards and settlements for our clients.

The last thing your opponents want to see is a representative from OnderLaw by your side. They know we will take every angle to make sure you are covered and that they pay what is due to you. Throughout your case, we’ll never leave your side.

Wrongful Death Cases We Handle

A wrongful death can occur anytime and anywhere, from fatal accidents on the job to drunk driving or even bad reactions to medications. Having an effective lawyer in your corner will help you identify the cause of death, those who are at fault, and the best way to move forward.

Our team has spent many years working with families who have lost loved ones due to a wide variety of causes. Among them are:

  • Healthcare malpractice
  • Defective drugs and medical devices
  • Faulty products
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Automobile accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Aircraft accidents
  • Occupational hazards

Unfortunately, accidents like these happen daily, and many families will suffer unnecessarily. Our team, however, is experienced and driven by a relationship-first mindset. We will represent you as if you were a part of our own family.

What Kinds of Compensation Can I Pursue?

You may be eligible for a variety of different types of compensation in a wrongful death case. There are economic losses, which are losses that will have a specific financial value and for which you likely have receipts, such as medical bills. There are also non-economic losses. These are intangible losses, like your loved one’s pain and suffering prior to death and your loss of care and guidance now that they are gone. Following are some factors that may be considered when determining compensation you are entitled to:

  • Costs related to the memorial services of your loved one, including funeral, burial, or other interments.
  • Costs related to medical treatment for your loved one before they passed.
  • Any lost present or future income due to the accident.
  • Any sort of emotional/mental health support therapies for the family as they try to heal.
  • The loss of the emotional connection to your loved one, which is also known as a loss of consortium. If the deceased was your spouse or registered domestic partner.
  • Potential punitive damages. While rare, in cases of significant negligence, there may be room to punish the responsible parties for the hurt they have caused your family. Punitive damages are awarded by a judge or jury.

Who Can Qualify for Compensation?

According to California legislation, after a person dies, the following relatives can file a claim:

  • Spouse
  • Domestic partner
  • Children
  • Heirs of deceased children
  • Parents
  • Putative spouse (if financial dependence can be proven)
  • Step-children (if financial dependence can be proven)

Time Limits for a Wrongful Death Case

You should act as soon as possible when seeking to file a claim. The statute of limitations for wrongful death cases in the state of California is two years. That means that you will have two years from the date of the accident to take legal action.

Although that seems like a long time, it takes time to develop a strong wrongful death case and to gather the evidence you’ll need. If you file a lawsuit after the statute of limitations has expired, the court will likely dismiss your filing, and you will lose your opportunity to gain compensation through the courts.

Wrongful Death Statistics

Unfortunately, data underscores that wrongful deaths occur in the U.S. and in Los Angeles more often than many people realize:

  •  In 2019, the U.S. Labor Department reported 5,333 work-related deaths, the highest annual number since 2007.            
  • In 2016, Johns Hopkins University found that over 250,000 patients died every year due to medical errors over a span of eight years.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, accidental death was the third leading cause of death in the United States in 2019 with 173,040 fatalities.
  • In 2012, a Los Angeles County report showed the following:
    • 843 unintentional deaths for people aged 1-44
    • 692 motor vehicle fatalities across all ages
    • Motor vehicle crashes were a leading cause of death for people between the ages of 1 and 44 years

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