Judge says no bankruptcy; 3M appeals ruling

Judge Denies Aearo Bankruptcy; 3M Appeals Ruling

Facts to Know:

  • 10 out of 16 trials have resulted in plaintiff wins.
  • The 3M CAEv2 Military Earplugs Litigation is the largest in history.
  • 3M attempted to use subsidiary Aearo’s bankruptcy to limit liability. The judge said no.
  • 3M is appealing that ruling.

Nearly as soon as a judge ruled that 3M could not use bankruptcy to settle hundreds of thousands of faulty military earplug claims last week, 3M subsidiary Aearo appealed that dismissal in a last-ditch effort to limit the damages.

Last week, a judge ruled that it was “premature” for Aearo to absolve itself through bankruptcy, and concluded that the subsidiary had sufficient financial support from 3M to handle the litigation without bankruptcy protection.

Though 3M appealed the ruling, the judge continued to move forward with the litigation process. We believe this is a show of confidence on the part of the judge that these cases will continue through the court process.

Largest Mass Tort in U.S. History: Standing with Those Impacted

The lawsuits involving 3M earplugs represent the largest mass tort in U.S. history, with hundreds of thousands of cases filed and pending. These brave veterans and service members entrusted their hearing protection to 3M’s earplugs, only to suffer hearing loss and related injuries as a result.

At OnderLaw, we understand the gravity of this situation and the importance of holding 3M accountable for their actions. Our experienced legal team is ready to take on this complex litigation and fight for the rights of those affected by these faulty earplugs.

Denying Allegations, Defending Rights: Advocating for our Clients

3M has consistently denied allegations that their earplugs caused hearing loss and maintains that the products are safe and effective. However, the outcome of the earplug cases that have gone to trial tells a different story.

With 10 out of 16 cases resulting in verdicts against 3M and substantial awards to plaintiffs, it is clear that the impact of these defective earplugs is undeniable.

At OnderLaw, we stand by our clients and their right to seek justice. We will continue to fight for their rights and pursue fair compensation for the harm they have endured due to 3M’s negligence.

Standing Strong: OnderLaw is Here to Help

If you are a military member who has experienced hearing loss, tinnitus, or related injuries due to the use of 3M earplugs, OnderLaw is here to support you. Our dedicated team of attorneys has decades of experience representing people affected by defective products, and we have the knowledge and resources to navigate this complex litigation.

Contact OnderLaw today for a confidential consultation. Let us stand by your side, advocate for your rights, and work toward securing the justice and compensation you deserve. Together, we can hold 3M accountable for the harm caused by their faulty earplugs and ensure a brighter future for those impacted by this injustice.

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