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Last Updated : December 7, 2021

Have You Purchased Infants’ Tylenol in the Last 5 Years?

Posted on Friday, January 10th, 2020

You can receive $2.15 per bottle purchased for up to 7 bottles.

Lawsuit News from OnderLaw

Friday, January 10, 2020 – Tylenol Class ActionIf you have purchased Infants’ Tylenol between Oct. 2, 2014 and Jan. 6, 2020, you may be eligible for compensation under a $6.315 million settlement.

A federal judge approved the settlement after a class action suit that accused Johnson & Johnson of false advertising and claiming the company charged significantly more for the infants’ version of its popular pain reliever, even though it is essentially the same medication as its Children’s Tylenol.

When it was first developed, Infants’ Tylenol contained a more concentrated dose of the active ingredient, acetaminophen. Johnson & Johnson lowered the concentration to match that of Children’s Tylenol following reports of illness and death. Despite the medications being essentially the same, the company continued to charge more per milliliter.

The suit alleged that Johnson & Johnson misrepresented the infants’ formula as being created specifically for infants, leading consumers to believe that they were getting a product that was safer or more appropriate for infants, despite the higher cost.

If you are a U.S. resident and you purchased Infants’ Tylenol between Oct. 2, 2014 and Jan. 6, 2020, you are eligible to file a claim by clicking here. No receipt is required.

Claimants will receive up to $2.15 per bottle for up to seven bottles without a receipt, or more with proof of purchase. Claims must be filed online before April 13.

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