In a city with over 558,000 registered vehicles, it’s no surprise that car accidents are a risk to motorists in the Fresno area. The busy highways, crowded roads, and many roadside distractions make the streets of Fresno a place where car accidents occur frequently. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Dealing with a car accident can be a difficult process. Between seeking medical attention for injuries you’ve suffered, paying for repairs to personal property, and handling discussions with your insurance company, there are many things to consider. Building a car accident case, in addition to all of this, can be overwhelming. Those who are unfamiliar with the local and federal regulations regarding motor vehicle collisions may find themselves lost in all of the confusing legislation and legal jargon surrounding such accidents.

At OnderLaw , we’re ready to help. Having served clients like yourself for the last 19 years, we’re well-acquainted with the laws surrounding car accidents and the injuries that result. Our goal is to use our experience to your advantage so that you can focus on what’s important while we build your case.

With OnderLaw , you have a wealth of resources at your disposal. Not only will we apply years of knowledge and experience to your case, but you’ll have access to our firm’s many legal connections and the strategies that have helped us reach countless settlements and awards over the years.

Not only this, but at OnderLaw , we believe in putting our clients first. Part of this belief is the way we handle communications on each client’s behalf. Rather than leave you to deal with the other parties to the accident and their insurance companies, risking accidental self-incrimination, our attorneys manage all communication for you so that you can get back to your family and career while we build your case.

Why Choose OnderLaw ?

OnderLaw has been setting the bar high since our foundation. We’ve received recognition on both local and national levels for our excellence in and out of the courtroom. Our attorneys are members of the American Trial Lawyers Association and the American Society of Legal Advocates. Our attorneys have also been recognized by Super Lawyers and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

This excellence doesn’t begin and end with the organizations that have recognized our talents—we’ve been keeping clients happy with billions of dollars in awards and settlements, as well. Over the last 19 years, we’ve reached over $3 billion in settlements. We recently reached a $22.5 million settlement in an automobile collision case, as well as $4.1 million in an automobile part malfunction case.

Our founding attorney, James G. Onder, has been fighting for justice for clients since before the firm’s inception. Upon graduating from Saint Louis University School of Law in 1988, Onder has been protecting clients’ rights in personal injury cases. Onder is a Top 100 Litigation Lawyer, a Million Dollar Advocate, and a Multi-million Dollar Advocate. His legal prowess and award-winning work have led to the high-quality legal care that has come to be expected of the OnderLaw firm that bears his name.

Causes of Car Accidents

As you might expect, in as busy an environment as Fresno, there are many distractions that cause motor vehicle collisions. While roadside distractions are a large part of what cause car accidents, there are several other factors that contribute to collisions. A few examples of these factors are:

  • Drugged driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Weather conditions
  • Vehicle Malfunction
  • Roadside construction
  • Phone use while driving

Types of Car Accidents

Because there is no one thing that causes car accidents, there are many different types of car accidents in which a motorist might be injured. Depending on how many vehicles are involved, what the road conditions are, and the level of neglect or careless behavior exhibited by one or more drivers, you may be injured in any one of the following types of car accidents:

  • Single-vehicle accident
  • Multiple-vehicle accident
  • Rollover accident
  • T-bone collision
  • Rear-end collision
  • Head-on collision
  • Side-swipe accident
  • Pedestrian accident

Common Injuries Suffered in Car Accidents

There is a wide range of injuries that those involved in motor vehicle accidents might sustain. These injuries range from mild to more severe. If you have suffered one or more of the following injuries in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation:

  • Paralysis
  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Contusions
  • Whiplash
  • Brain trauma
  • Organ damage
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Burns
  • Amputation

Compensation for a Car Accident Claim

The compensation you can expect depends largely on the severity and duration of your injuries and the types of damages you’re seeking reimbursement for.  You may seek compensation for one or both types of the following damages.

  • Economic damages are the costs that are easier to quantify and are often measured in financial terms. Examples of these damages include lost present or future income/wages, the cost of repairs to damaged property, and medical expenses. In order to best estimate these costs, keep copies of all pay stubs and timecards, receipts from property repairs, and medical records.
  • Noneconomic damages are the intangible costs of the pain and suffering that you may experience as a result of an accident in which you’ve been injured. Some examples of these damages may include psychological and emotional trauma, loss of companionship, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of mobility. In order to best estimate noneconomic damages, keep a journal about how your injuries have impacted your daily life, your thoughts, and feelings, and document any counseling or therapy you receive as a result of your accident.

In California, you might also seek punitive or exemplary damages. These damages are seldom awarded. They are intended as a punishment for the wrongdoer rather than as compensation for the injured party. In order to convince a jury that an award of exemplary damages is appropriate, you much show that the at-fault driver acted with the intent to commit fraud, with malice, or with the intent to oppress.

Proving Negligence in California

In the state of California, liability is determined on the basis of negligence. This means that each party is considered liable to the same degree to which they’re found negligent. In most cases, a person is negligent when they don’t take reasonable care to safeguard others (failing to yield, following too closely, driving aggressively, etc.), and an accident results.

California functions on a pure comparative negligence basis. This means that, even if you’re found to be ten percent liable, you would still be able to pursue compensation for the 90 percent of the accident for which you were not at fault. For example, if you are entitled to $70,000 of compensation but are determined to be ten percent liable for the accident because you were on your cell phone at the time of the crash, our attorneys will help you fight for the $63,000 to which you are still entitled.

Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury Lawsuits

In order for your case to have a chance of being heard in court, it’s important to file a lawsuit within the timeline that the state of California mandates. Depending on the nature of your car accident case, there are several periods during which to file.

  • If you’re seeking compensation for personal injuries you’ve suffered, you have three years from the date of your accident during which to file a lawsuit.
  • If you’re seeking compensation for property damages, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit.
  • If you’ve suffered personal injuries or property damages in an accident involving a government employee or government agency, the state gives you a six-month period in which to file a lawsuit.

Car Accident Statistics

According to data from, there were 3,723 fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes in California in 2020.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that there were 3,316 fatal vehicle crashes in California in 2019 and 3,606 motor vehicle-related deaths in the state in the same year.

In 2018, there were 4,176 victims killed and injured in motor vehicle accidents in Fresno County, according to data from the California Office of Traffic Safety.

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