Traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBI, are a serious consequence of severe injury to the head or other powerful physical trauma in this region of the body. This type of injury can result in long-term brain damage or even death. If you have suffered a TBI due to an accident or assault, you need a lawyer who can make sure your right to compensation is secure. A major physical injury such as a TBI can have life-altering effects.

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Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are often caused by a powerful blow to the head, impacting the brain. They can occur in a variety of situations, including:

Falls – By far the most common cause of TBI, falls can occur on a construction, oil and gas, or other job site, or can occur in the home or a business due to a simple slip-and-fall accident.

Car or truck accidents – The second leading cause of TBI is vehicular crashes. Drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists are at risk for sustaining traumatic brain injuries, especially if they are in a smaller vehicle or aren’t protected by a seat belt or other safety equipment. The head can be impacted by large debris or the roadway, or the brain can be shaken to the point that injury occurs.

Sports injuries – Baseball, football, soccer, and other sports are meant to be fun, but violent contact with the ball or other players is always a risk in these games. The danger of injury is often greater for children because their brains are still developing, although there is some indication that the elasticity of a younger brain will aid in the child’s recovery.

Physical violence – During a fight, a physical attack to the head, or contact of the head with a hard object like a baseball bat or with the pavement, can at the very least lead to concussion or to an even more serious brain injury.

Child or spousal abuse – Domestic violence, especially if it happens regularly, can cause a TBI. More than a third of those suffering violence at home have head, neck, or facial injuries.

Explosions – Shockwaves or flying debris can impact the head during a blast, or shrapnel can pierce the brain, causing permanent damage.

Heavy equipment accidents – Unsecured heavy equipment, especially in an industrial setting such as a construction site or oil rig, may fall or swing free of a tether, impacting the head directly or causing the victim to fall and suffer a head injury.

Penetration by a bullet or skull fragment – Being shot in the head or having the brain penetrated by some other foreign object may not be directly fatal, but it may cause severe damage to the brain and require immediate attention and major brain surgery.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are often characterized in several ways. Closed brain injuries occur due to blunt trauma to the head, with no open wound. Penetrating injuries occur when outside objects enter the brain, including bullets, skull fragments, or jagged debris, as might be found in a car accident.

Concussion, a type of closed brain injury, is a mild TBI and is relatively common among brain injuries. It can occur whenever the head suffers a sudden blow or the brain is jolted or shaken. Over time concussions can lead to long-lasting problems, especially if a victim suffers multiple concussions over the course of their lifetime.

A victim may also experience primary or secondary brain injuries. Primary brain injuries are those sustained at the time of the accident and are considered complete at the time that impact occurs. Secondary brain injuries can develop over time after the initial injury, as blood vessels and tissue change and further damage develops.

Compensation for a TBI Claim

If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury, whether in a car accident, a fall on the job, or due to violence, and another party was responsible, you may be eligible for compensation. This could be vital to your recovery because treatment for a brain injury is often expensive and rehabilitation may last for years. Compensation could come in a number of different forms, including medication reimbursement, long-term care costs, wage or household income replacement, and/or damages for pain and suffering.

The value of a TBI claim can depend on a variety of factors, including the level of responsibility of the parties for the accident, the cost of your medical bills, and the amounts awarded in similar cases. Because brain injuries can be devastating and require expensive medical care, compensation can sometimes reach into the millions of dollars. Your attorney can give you a better idea of what you may be eligible for when you meet to discuss your case.

Proving Negligence in California/Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury Lawsuits

In order to prove negligence for your injury, you must show that another party had a duty of care toward you and that their negligence violated that duty. A person may be negligent if their actions or inaction caused an accident to occur. A truck driver who violates the rules of the road and causes a crash or a property owner who doesn’t install proper lighting, allowing violent crime to occur, could be guilty of negligence.

California follows comparative negligence rules, which means that a party must pay a victim according to the percentage of their fault for the accident. If the negligent party was found to be 75 percent responsible for causing the accident, the compensation they pay would be 75 percent of the full amount of the victim’s losses.

The statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits in California is two years from the date of injury, in most instances. For lawsuits against certain governmental entities, the deadline may be six months, after which the entity is given time to respond. In any case, it is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible so that they can perform an investigation. Over time, the accident scene will change, injuries will heal, and witnesses will be harder to contact, making evidence much harder to collect.

Fremont Accident Statistics

  • Seventy-five percent of TBIs each year are concussions.
  • There are nearly 7 million traumatic brain injuries every year, and of them, 52,000 die.
  • Falls account for nearly half of emergency room visits for traumatic brain injury.
  • 166 Americans die from injuries related to TBI daily.
  • Motor vehicle accidents cause the second-most traumatic brain injuries (17.3 percent) and lead to the most deaths (31.8 percent) related to TBI.
  • Thirty-six percent of victims of domestic violence have injuries to the head, neck, or face.
  • Approximately 20 percent of professional boxers suffer chronic TBI during their careers.
  • California study found that patients with traumatic brain injuries were more than twice as likely to die in the ER than other trauma patients and more than seven times as likely to die in the hospital.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Brain injuries are among the most devastating debilitation a person can endure. The potential severity of this type of injury can mean a substantial amount of compensation is at stake. Insurance companies are reluctant to pay such large settlements, and they will fight hard to avoid taking responsibility. They will sometimes try to claim that the victim’s own negligence caused the mishap in an attempt to exonerate their client.

A skilled traumatic brain injury attorney can perform a thorough investigation of the scene, interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and speaking to experts in order to show that the other party’s negligence caused your injuries. They know the tricks insurance companies use in court to try to avoid responsibility, and they can also speak to the insurer on your behalf, often negotiating a higher settlement than you could on your own.

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