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The history of Armour Road in Kansas City, Missouri is one of environmental devastation and pollution that has had devastating consequences for the communities that inhabit the area. The site has been designated as a Superfund Site due to the presence of hazardous chemicals, known to cause serious health effects to those exposed to them. An environmental attorney in Kansas City may be able to help seek justice for those impacted by this site, and the OnderLawyers specialize in doing just that.

History of Armour Road

The Armour Road Superfund Site is a former herbicide manufacturing facility located in North Kansas City, Missouri. The site encompasses an area of nearly two acres and is bordered by residential neighborhoods to the north and east, an industrial park to the south, and a major highway to the west.

The facility was in operation from the 1920s to 1986, during which time a wide range of herbicides and pesticides were produced. The ingredients used in the manufacturing process were shipped in by railcars and trucks and mixed on-site, creating significant pollution and releasing contaminants into the surrounding soil and groundwater.

The discovery of the site’s contamination dates back to 1989 when an environmental assessment revealed the extent of pollution in the area. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) entered into a consent decree with the owners of the property in 1993, which required them to investigate and remediate the contamination.

In May 1996, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted a Time-Critical Removal Action at the site, which involved the excavation and removal of contaminated soil. Later that year, in December, the EPA entered into an administrative order on consent with U.S. Borax, one of the previous owners of the property, to prepare an engineering evaluation/cost analysis (EE/CA) to identify potential cleanup options.

Finally, on May 10, 1999, the site was listed on the final National Priorities List, making it eligible for federal funding and bringing it to the attention of environmental lawyers such as OnderLaw Environmental Attorneys. Since then, extensive remediation efforts have been undertaken to address the contamination and protect the health and safety of nearby communities.

Chemicals Found and Adverse Health Effects

As an environmental attorney in Kansas City, our firm understands the importance of seeing the full scope of the contamination at the Armour Road site. While the Armour Road Superfund site contains fewer contaminants than most Superfund sites, its proximity to communities and waterways is a great cause of concern for the exposure and spread of contaminants to the surrounding area.

Arsenic is a particularly concerning chemical found at the Armour Road Superfund Site. It is a known human carcinogen and has been linked to skin, bladder, and lung cancer. It is also associated with developmental and reproductive toxicity, as well as cardiovascular disease. The potential health impacts of exposure to Arsenic are severe and can be long-lasting.

In addition to the effects arsenic can have on the human body, its impact on the environment is devastating. Ecosystems contaminated with arsenic typically contain significantly less biodiversity and only resistant life can grow. At this site, both the soil and groundwater were found to be contaminated, meaning plants and microorganisms are unlikely to thrive in the area. When this contamination spreads to the nearby Missouri River, it becomes a threat to any aquatic life and may even become a threat to the local drinking water.

It is important for anyone who may have been impacted by the contamination at the Armour Road Superfund Site to seek medical attention and speak with an environmental attorney in Kansas City about their legal options. The EPA has taken steps to remediate the site, but it may be necessary for affected individuals to pursue legal action in order to receive compensation for damages related to their exposure to these harmful chemicals.

As an environmental attorney in Kansas City, OnderLaw is committed to advocating for justice on behalf of those who have been impacted by pollution and toxic substances. We understand the importance of holding polluters accountable and working to ensure that individuals receive the compensation and resources they need to recover from the impacts of environmental contamination.

Possible Legal Action

The discovery of hazardous chemicals at the Armour Road Superfund Site in Kansas City, MO has left many communities feeling anxious and concerned about the health risks they face. Fortunately, individuals impacted by these chemicals have options available to them, thanks to the dedicated efforts of environmental attorneys in Kansas City like OnderLaw.

The attorneys at OnderLaw understand that the negative impacts of toxic exposure can have long-lasting effects on individuals and their communities. As a result, we work tirelessly to help those affected by toxic chemicals receive the justice they deserve.

One potential avenue for legal action is through a class action lawsuit. In a class action lawsuit, multiple individuals with similar claims come together to pursue legal action against a common defendant. This approach allows plaintiffs to pool resources, share evidence, and streamline the legal process, while still holding the defendant accountable for their actions.

Another potential legal route for those affected by toxic exposure is through a toxic tort lawsuit. A toxic tort lawsuit is a civil claim brought against a party that is responsible for releasing a toxic substance into the environment. The lawsuit aims to hold the defendant accountable for any harm or injury that resulted from the exposure to the substance.

Regardless of which approach is taken, individuals affected by the Armour Road Superfund Site can trust OnderLaw to guide them through the complex world of environmental law. Their experience and dedication to their clients make them a valuable resource for anyone seeking legal action in this area.

If you or your community has been impacted by the contaminants at this site or any of the Superfund sites around the country, do not hesitate to call OnderLaw. Click here to speak with one of our experienced attorneys today.