Embracing Safety: The Revolution of New York City’s 10th Avenue

At OnderLaw, our priority has always been the safety and well-being of the community. With New York City’s bustling streets becoming more diverse in their modes of transportation, it’s never been more important to design roadways that prioritize the safety of all road users. The recent announcement of the construction of a new protected bike lane along Tenth Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen is a progressive step in this direction.

What’s New on Tenth Avenue?

New York City Department of Transportation is not just building another bike lane. This ambitious project is one of Manhattan’s widest, stretching a full 10 feet, and is designed not just for traditional cyclists, but also for the increasing number of micromobility users – think electric scooters, e-bikes, and more. But the project is more than just a lane for two wheels; it’s an entirely community-supported redesign which aims to enhance the safety of every road user. Features like concrete pedestrian islands and dedicated, signalized turn lanes make the avenue more secure for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike.

Why This Matters

These alterations are not just for aesthetic or convenience purposes. Protected bike lanes, like the one being installed on Tenth Avenue, are a significant boon to public safety. Their design inherently shortens crossing distances for pedestrians at intersections, calms vehicle traffic, and boosts visibility for all. In fact, such designs have reportedly reduced deaths and serious injuries on the road by a commendable 18.1%. For pedestrians alone, this decline is an even more impressive 29.2%.

The thorough approach to this project is evident in how the NYC DOT collaborated with the community to refine its proposal. This included expanding the bike lane width and increasing the number of pedestrian islands based on the community’s feedback.

Looking to the Future

With the city growing and the modes of transport diversifying, it’s clear that the streets need to evolve in tandem. As personal injury attorneys, we’ve seen firsthand the repercussions of accidents that could have been prevented with better road designs. This redesign not only addresses current issues but looks forward to the changing needs of a dynamic city.

Council Member Erik Botccher aptly said, “Streets should be designed with safety and the human experience in mind. New Yorkers deserve nothing less.” And at OnderLaw, we couldn’t agree more.

New York City’s commitment to reimagining its roads for the safety of its residents is commendable. It shows foresight and an understanding of the city’s ever-evolving transportation landscape. We champion such moves and hope to see more across all boroughs. As advocates for safety and community well-being, OnderLaw stands in firm support of projects that put the safety and convenience of people first. Safe streets are a right, not a privilege, and every New Yorker deserves to travel without fear. If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident, contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation.