While every motor vehicle has blind spots where the driver can’t easily see other cars and people, commercial trucks have especially significant sight challenges. The blind spot in front of a tractor-trailer’s front bumper is big enough to completely hide an entire commuter car from the truck driver’s view, and the blind spots in the rear and on either side of the trailer are large enough to cover multiple vehicles—and sometimes even multiple lanes of traffic.

Long-haul truck drivers need to know where their blind spots are and consistently check them before switching lanes or turning. Any semi trucker who causes a collision by failing to do this can likely be held liable for ensuing losses.

If you were recently hurt in a blind spot truck accident in Creve Coeur, contact our compassionate tractor-trailer collision attorneys at OnderLaw to discuss your recovery options. We don’t just take on cases, we take on causes. Let us take on yours.

Building a Strong Civil Claim Around a Blind-Spot Truck Wreck

Holding someone else liable for a blind spot truck crash in Creve Coeur is less a matter of proving that the truck driver involved failed to check their blind spots properly and more a matter of proving that a reckless, careless, or illegal act of theirs was the direct and main cause of the accident. This could be anything from an overt violation of traffic law, such as failing to signal before a turn, to a more subtle and momentary loss of concentration at the wrong moment.

Whatever the specific cause of a wreck was, it’s important to understand that the truck driver involved isn’t necessarily the only person who could be held accountable for your injuries. For instance, it’s often possible to hold employers vicariously liable for negligence by their employees, which means it may be possible to sue a trucking company over this type of accident in addition to or as an alternative to the trucker directly involved.

At the same time, people driving around tractor-trailers have a duty to know where the blind spots are and stay out of them as much as reasonably possible. If the court finds that someone injured in a blind spot truck collision was coasting in the truck driver’s blind spot for several seconds beforehand, it might assign the injured person a share of comparative fault and reduce their compensation.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

Assuming no issues with comparative fault, a successful civil claim over a blind spot truck accident in Creve Coeur can allow recovery for both economic and non-economic forms of harm, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost work income and earning ability
  • Personal property damage
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Physical discomfort and pain
  • Psychological and emotional anguish

It’s worth emphasizing that both current and future losses related to the crash can be factored into a lawsuit or settlement demand—for instance, both emergency medical expenses and expected costs of future rehabilitative and maintenance care. Our experienced team of attorneys will work to ensure you get the comprehensive compensation you deserve for all your losses.

Work With a Creve Coeur Attorney on Your Blind Spot Truck Accident Case

It can be tempting to think that civil litigation is something you can handle on your own, especially if it seems obvious who’s at fault for injuring you in the first place. In practice though, these types of cases can be exceptionally complex in both legal and procedural terms, and that—combined with the opposition you’ll face from insurance companies and defense counsel—can make it extraordinarily difficult to achieve a successful case result on your own.

Help from our reliable truck accident lawyers at OnderLaw can make all the difference in your recovery prospects following a blind spot truck accident in Creve Coeur. Call today to get the ally and legal advocate you deserve.