Many people love dogs and could never imagine them to be dangerous. However, a dog attack is a terrifying experience that can haunt you for the rest of your life. Scars and injuries requiring ongoing treatment might be a physical reminder of your trauma.

When you, your child, or another loved one suffers a dog attack, you deserve justice and compensation for your losses. At OnderLaw, a Creve Coeur dog bite lawyer will stand beside you and insist that the owner take responsibility for the harm their pet caused. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys are proud of our commitment to helping injured victims take back their lives and return their power after traumatic incidents.

Missouri Holds Dog Owners Responsible for Bites

Owners are responsible for their dogs’ behavior, and the law makes them liable if their dogs bite other people. Missouri Revised Statute § 273.036 holds the owner or handler accountable if a dog bites someone on public or private property. Whether the owner knew that the dog might bite or has a history of aggression is irrelevant. When someone suffers a dog bite, the dog’s owner or handler is responsible.

However, there are two exceptions to this. An owner is not liable if the injured person provoked the dog. The owner is also not responsible for injuries a dog inflicts on a trespasser. Sometimes, a dog owner, insurance company, or defense lawyer will falsely claim that an injured victim caused an attack. Our proactive Creve Coeur dog bite attorneys will fight these allegations and collect evidence to show you were blameless.

When an owner is liable, you can collect damages for every loss you suffered due to the attack. Damages compensate for your medical care, including current and future treatment for physical and psychological injuries. With help from a skilled dog bite lawyer at our firm, you could reimburse lost income if you had to take time off from work. A successful claim can also bring payments for your pain, emotional trauma, and scarring.

Steps to Take After a Dog Bite in Creve Coeur

Dog attacks are often sudden and jarring. In the aftermath, you may be reeling and unsure of what to do. If the circumstances allow, our dog bite lawyers recommend taking a few specific steps to aid in your healing and strengthen your case for compensation.

Get Immediate Medical Treatment

Getting medical treatment immediately is crucial. Even if the bite does not break the skin, a dog’s jaws are crushingly powerful and can significantly damage your bones and soft tissues. Immediate medical care could speed your recovery, prevent infection, and minimize scarring.

Seeking medical care soon after an incident also helps establish the time of the attack, which could be necessary if the dog’s owner is unknown at first. A medical record provides evidence of the injuries the dog inflicted.

Document the Attack

Pictures of the dog could help identify the animal and its owner if the dog is unknown. If the attack happened away from home, photos of the property could establish whether the attack occurred on the owner’s land or public property.

It is also important to get pictures of the damage caused by the dog. Though a member of the medical team might take photographs of your injury for the medical record, you or a family member should also take pictures of any damage the bite caused to you, your clothing, or your possessions. It could also be helpful to have images of the injury as it heals.

Report the Incident

Reporting the bite to St. Louis County Animal Control is critical. A report provides crucial evidence if the dog owner or their insurer tries to deny the attack. It also puts the dog’s behavior on record, which could be necessary if the animal attacks again. In cases of severe mauling, a call to the police is urgent so that the dog does not harm anyone else.

Get Legal Help for Your Animal Bite

People love their dogs and often have difficulty accepting that their animal harmed someone. This fact often makes a dog bite claim an emotional process, especially if you have a relationship with the dog’s owner. It is essential to let a skilled lawyer in Creve Coeur handle your dog bite case if you are hesitant about bringing a claim against a neighbor or friend in the community. Remember that the homeowner’s insurance company will often be responsible for paying the claim, rather than the dog owner.

Trust a Creve Coeur Attorney to Handle Your Dog Bite Claim

A dog attack is devastating to experience or witness. Owners of dogs that harm people without provocation should be held accountable for victims’ losses.

A Creve Coeur dog bite lawyer at OnderLaw understands the trauma you have experienced and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us today to discuss your situation with a compassionate legal professional. We don’t just take on cases—we take on causes.