While every prescription and over-the-counter medication will work differently for each person, you have a right to be informed about a drug’s potential side effects and contraindications. When drug manufacturers fail to warn about their products or put unreasonably dangerous medications on the market, innocent consumers suffer the consequences.

Many people of all ages suffer from severe or fatal health problems each year due to dangerous drugs. Pharmaceutical companies often cut corners to increase their profits, harming consumers with their negligence. OnderLaw has been holding these corporations accountable for decades, making them pay for the damage they’ve done and changing the way they do business to protect future generations from harm.

If you believe a dangerous or defective drug harmed you or a family member, you may have grounds to file a claim for pharmaceutical litigation. That said, lawsuits against massive pharmaceutical corporations are more complex than they might seem. You should not try to pursue a case this challenging without assistance from a Creve Coeur dangerous drugs lawyer.

The experienced injury attorneys at OnderLaw know how to fight and win on behalf of people in your situation. Pharmaceutical lawsuits can bring the compensation you need for your medical expenses, lost work, and long-term care. Legal action can also motivate companies to improve the safety of their drugs and prevent future problems. Our firm is dedicated to holding these companies accountable and fighting for the injured victims of corporate negligence. We don’t just stand up for you; we stand with you.

When Are Pharmaceutical Companies Liable for Injuries?

In theory, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should only certify pharmaceutical products for sale which meet rigorous testing standards and have been confirmed as reasonably safe and effective for consumers. In reality, there are plenty of cracks in the FDA’s approval process that ineffective and even actively dangerous drugs can slip through. The regulations for drug testing before releasing a new product for public sale are also somewhat lax.

However, the fact that a medication had an unwanted side effect is not enough by itself to justify a dangerous drug lawsuit. The legal basis for these claims is generally that a legally actionable defect in a drug’s design, manufacture, or marketing existed when the product left its maker’s direct control. A dangerous drugs lawyer must argue that the defect in question was the direct and primary cause of the injuries at the heart of the lawsuit or settlement demand.

Possible grounds for a defective drugs case could include the following:

  • Use of an unreasonably dangerous substance in a product’s formulation when a safer option was available at little to no extra cost or inconvenience for the manufacturer
  • Contamination of a drug during manufacture or packaging
  • Failure by a drug manufacturer to sufficiently research and test their drug for side effects and contraindications
  • A drug manufacturer knowingly and willingly failing to disclose known side effects or contraindications of their product

During a consultation, our knowledgeable Creve Coeur pharmaceutical attorneys could discuss your options for dangerous drug litigation in further detail. As lawyers, we are prepared to explore every avenue for winning your case and maximizing your compensation. As people who care about your well-being, we will stand with you throughout your healing and provide the support you need.

Mass Tort Litigation Over Dangerous Drugs

Because major drug manufacturers have significant financial resources, an individual typically has little chance of getting a positive result from civil litigation against such a company, even if they have an airtight case. Fortunately, there is another option in these situations, allowing people with similar causes of action against the same person or company to combine resources and pursue their claims together.

Mass torts or multidistrict litigation (MDL) still allow recovery for all the same losses as a standard personal injury claim, including medical bills, lost work income, physical and psychological suffering, and lost quality of life. Our skilled dangerous drugs lawyers in Creve Coeur could determine whether this type of claim might be beneficial in your situation. We will handle every aspect of your case while you focus on making your best recovery.

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Dozens of dangerous and potentially deadly drugs are recalled by manufacturers in the United States every year. Unfortunately, these recalls often come too late to prevent hundreds or thousands of people from suffering serious harm. Holding a drug maker legally liable for your injuries is far from a simple process, especially without guidance from skilled legal counsel.

A Creve Coeur dangerous drugs lawyer at OnderLaw will stand on and by your side throughout your case. We are proud of our dedication to fighting corporate negligence and representing injured members of our community. Call us today to discuss how we can help you take back your power.