Seeing your child suffer is one of the most difficult things you can experience as a parent. When another person’s careless or reckless actions lead to an accident that harms your child, there is no doubt that you feel angry, heartbroken, and devastated. Not only do you want justice, but you may also want to create some sense of purpose by helping to prevent other families from going through the same things you have endured.

In your family’s time of need, OnderLaw won’t just be on your side; we’ll be by your side. Our diligent injury attorneys will seek justice for your family while supporting your child’s recovery every step of the way. Taking legal action with a Creve Coeur child injury lawyer may be your best option for making things right and getting the compensation you need to protect your child’s future.

Our firm is proud of our commitment to fight for and protect our children. That’s not just lip service. We’ve been standing with parents to make a difference for decades. When tragic window blind accidents harmed or killed innocent children, we stood with dozens of brave parents to force the industry to create safer products. We’ve taken on the makers of Rock’n’Play and other sleepers that heartbroken parents trusted, and we’ve represented countless families whose children have been injured or lost in senseless and preventable incidents. OnderLaw is dedicated to saving lives and helping families take back their power.

Common Situations Leading to Child Injuries

Childhood injuries are a fact of life. Typical play results in scrapes, bruises, and the occasional broken bone or cut requiring stitches. However, some childhood injuries are much more serious, and often they could have been prevented if not for another person’s negligence.

Negligence is the failure to use an appropriate degree of caution or care, resulting in an injury to someone else. When a child suffers an injury, our Creve Coeur attorneys will investigate to determine who caused the incident. Potentially negligent parties may include:

  • Other drivers or vehicle manufacturers in a car accident case
  • Medical professionals, if the injury resulted from medical malpractice
  • School or daycare officials, if the injury happened on the premises of a school
  • Owners and operators of businesses or recreational facilities
  • Sponsors and operators of sports leagues
  • Property owners who did not maintain safe premises

In addition, property owners might be liable for a child injury if their property contains an unsecured attractive nuisance, such as a pool, treehouse, shed, or another feature that might be dangerous to children.

Regardless of who was responsible for your child’s injury, our experienced lawyers in Creve Coeur will work tirelessly to hold them accountable. We don’t just take on cases; we take on causes.

Deadlines for Bringing a Child Injury Lawsuit in Creve Coeur

Every state has statutes of limitations that set the timeframe for bringing a lawsuit. In most personal injury actions, a person has five years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit seeking damages. If the injured person was under 18 when the incident occurred, they have five years from their 18th birthday to bring a claim.

Some child injuries result from medical malpractice. Missouri Revised Statute § 516.105 gives someone injured by a medical error two years from the injury date to bring a lawsuit against a healthcare provider. If a minor suffers an injury due to malpractice, they can bring a suit within two years of their 18th birthday but no more than 10 years after the incident.

More often than not, a parent or guardian can bring a lawsuit on the child’s behalf rather than waiting for them to become old enough to sue. The local child injury lawyers at OnderLaw are here to help you and your family make the best choice for your child. We provide you with the information and guidance you need to protect your child’s rights and decide what is best for them. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you.

As soon as you contact our Creve Coeur child injury attorneys, we will begin investigating your case, obtaining evidence before it disappears, interviewing witnesses while their memories are fresh, and preparing a strong case for damages.

Damages in Child Injury Cases

Both parents and children can recover damages in child injury cases. Parents may claim the medical costs and associated expenses of treating the child and providing ongoing care.

The child can receive damages for their losses, including pain, emotional suffering, scarring, disability, and any impact the injury could have on their future earning potential. Our dedicated Creve Coeur lawyers will fight to ensure your child gets every cent of compensation they deserve for their past and future injury-related losses.

Most lawsuits settle before the case goes to a trial. When parents agree to settle a case on behalf of their child, a judge must review and approve the settlement if it exceeds $35,000. Smaller settlements do not require court approval. The funds from a child injury settlement must be preserved in a custodial account or an annuity the child can access when they turn 18. Although there are many legal nuances in child injury cases, OnderLaw is here to help you navigate them and protect your child’s best interests. We will fight for and with your family every step of the way.

Consult a Compassionate Creve Coeur Child Injury Attorney Today

A serious injury can affect your child for years to come. Damage to their developing body and brain can have a lifelong impact and jeopardize their future. When someone else causes a devastating accident, they should be held accountable. Your family deserves justice.

Let a Creve Coeur child injury lawyer at OnderLaw take the lead on the legal side of things while you focus on your family. Beyond providing experienced legal counsel, we will stand by your side, supporting your child’s recovery. Contact us today to discuss your situation and get the representation you deserve.