Being severely burned in an accident is devastating, especially if it was preventable. It is heartbreaking to watch an innocent person struggle to move forward with their life after a catastrophic burn caused by someone else’s careless behavior.

If you or a loved one are in this difficult situation, you deserve justice and dedicated support. Whether your injuries will eventually heal or will permanently affect you, you deserve compensation from the person responsible for your accident. Unfortunately, you may have trouble getting the money you deserve on your own.

Working with a Creve Coeur burn injury lawyer can make a huge difference in your life moving forward. The dedicated catastrophic injury attorneys at OnderLaw won’t just be on your side; we’ll be by your side every step of the way in getting the compensation you need to make your best recovery. We are proud of our commitment to helping members of our community through some of the most difficult times of their lives.

Proving Someone at Fault for a Serious Burn

Severe burns can happen under various circumstances, from high-speed auto accidents to poor property management to even defective consumer products. While there are some exceptions, most civil claims for these types of injuries are built around the theory of legal negligence, which has four components:

  • A duty of care owed to the injured party
  • A violation of that duty, in the form of a specific irresponsible or unlawful act
  • An injury that was directly caused by that breach of duty
  • Direct causation of every loss that the injured party is seeking compensation for

Importantly, an injury must be severe enough to require professional medical care in order to serve as valid grounds for a civil lawsuit. First-degree burns that heal with only basic first aid cannot usually be the basis for litigation, even if they stem directly from someone else’s misconduct. Our diligent Creve Coeur burn injury attorneys can generally help pursue civil recovery for losses connected to a second-degree or third-degree burn caused by another person’s negligence. In a consultation, we can help you determine your legal options in seeking justice for the harm you should not have suffered.

Comparative Fault in Burn Injury Claims

Besides establishing that another person was at fault for your burn injury, you and your lawyer may need to prove that you were not negligent. Sadly, defense attorneys and insurance companies will try to blame innocent people for their own injuries to avoid paying the compensation they deserve.

Under Missouri’s pure comparative fault system, the court can assign a percentage of fault to an injured person for causing or worsening their own injuries through reckless or careless conduct. Based on that percentage, the court can reduce the total compensation they are eligible to receive if they win their case in court.

Insurance Companies are Not on Your Side Following Severe Burns

Insurance companies might approach you or your family soon after the accident, asking how you are and expressing sympathy. Even if they seem friendly, it is best to avoid talking to the insurers until you have legal counsel. An experienced Creve Coeur burn damage lawyer at OnderLaw knows your rights and will stand up to the insurance companies to protect your best interests. We will fight for you and your cause.

Work With a Creve Coeur Burn Injury Attorney

Even if it seems obvious that someone else is at fault for your burn injury, proving them at fault can be complicated and time-consuming. Throughout that process, help from experienced legal counsel is vital to getting the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

After seeking necessary medical treatment, contacting a Creve Coeur burn injury lawyer should be your top priority. From collecting evidence of another person’s fault to evaluating your losses, the dedicated legal team at OnderLaw will stand by your side throughout your legal proceedings. We will be your guiding hand in this difficult time. Call us today for the support you deserve.