Significant, permanent injuries change lives forever. It is heartbreaking to watch as innocent people are forced to change jobs, move from their homes, and reconsider other major decisions. The price of a severe injury is incalculable.

If a severe, debilitating injury resulted from an accident caused by someone else, the injured person should receive significant compensation. Although money cannot replace everything that’s been lost, financial security can ensure you or your loved one gets the best available care.

If you or a family member suffered a devastating injury, OnderLaw can be your guiding hand and steadfast advocate. We understand your pain and have spent decades standing by our clients during their most difficult times. With a Creve Coeur catastrophic injury lawyer at your side, you can rest assured that your future and rights will be protected. our personal injury attorneys are committed to fighting for and winning on behalf of injured victims like you.

Incidents Resulting in Catastrophic Injuries

Car accidents and falls—especially from heights—are leading causes of catastrophic injuries. However, many different scenarios can cause severe injuries with long-lasting repercussions.

For example, medical malpractice can cause permanent conditions such as infections requiring limb amputation. Defective products that cause fires or explosions could leave a person with severe, disfiguring scars and permanent respiratory damage. Accidents during sports or recreational activities also cause a substantial percentage of catastrophic injuries. Other common catastrophic injuries include spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and serious burns.

A Creve Coeur catastrophic injury attorney at OnderLaw will investigate an incident to determine who was at fault. There may be multiple responsible parties; in such a case, our legal team will hold them all accountable for paying the compensation you need for your losses. Bringing multiple parties to the table increases the chances that your settlement will be sufficient to provide for your future needs.

Damages in Severe Injury Cases

“Damages” refer to compensation to cover both past and future losses resulting from an accident. You are entitled to damages from the person, people, or third parties (such as an insurance company) responsible for your accident.

Catastrophic injuries are, by nature, long-lasting and severely impactful. Your insurance may not cover all the services required to live your best life with a new disability or condition. In addition to basics like medical treatment and lost wages, damages from the responsible party could cover the following:

  • Physical, occupational, speech, and psychological therapy
  • Round-the-clock nursing care, if necessary
  • Respite services for family and caregivers
  • Personal care aides to help with activities of daily living
  • Home renovations to accommodate a wheelchair or other mobility aide
  • Drugs and supplements
  • Adaptive devices, including an adapted vehicle

A successful catastrophic injury claim could provide these payments for the rest of your life, if necessary. Damages also include payments acknowledging that the injury has changed your quality of life. You could receive damages for your inability to engage in favorite activities, physical pain, disability, emotional trauma, loss of companionship, and more. At OnderLaw, our Creve Coeur attorneys understand how devastating a catastrophic injury can be. We will work tirelessly to get the compensation you deserve for the harm you should have never experienced.

Seek Immediate Legal Counsel for Catastrophic Injuries

In the weeks after a catastrophic injury, it may be difficult for you or your family to focus on anything other than the injured person. However, consulting a Creve Coeur lawyer as soon as possible after a catastrophic accident can be essential to protecting your rights and prospects.

Insurance companies might approach you or your family soon after the accident, expressing sympathy and offering a settlement. Early settlement offers usually represent only a tiny fraction of your actual damages. Avoid accepting money or signing papers before speaking with a knowledgeable catastrophic injury lawyer at our firm. Our attorneys know your rights and will stand up to insurers trying to settle your claim as cheaply as possible.

Deadlines for Catastrophic Injury Claims

All legal actions have deadlines, and some are quite short. For example, suppose a state or a local government is potentially liable for your accident. In this case, you or your attorney must notify the appropriate government agency or office of your intent to sue within 90 days of the accident. After a catastrophic incident, you or your loved one may still be in the hospital when this deadline approaches.

At OnderLaw, our diligent catastrophic injury lawyers will ensure that any notices or claims are filed on time after a catastrophic incident. We are committed to helping our Creve Coeur friends and neighbors take back their lives after severe injuries.

Rely on Our Creve Coeur Attorneys for Your Catastrophic Injury Case

When a catastrophic injury changes your life, you need a seasoned professional to help you understand and assert your legal rights. A Creve Coeur catastrophic injury lawyer at OnderLaw will stand by you and your family until the responsible parties have paid for the harm they caused you.

Time is of the essence in these cases. Reach out to our OnderLaw team as soon as possible after your accident to discuss your situation in a free consultation. The dedicated support you need is just a call away, so take that first step today!