Cars, trucks, and SUVs are a necessity in Creve Coeur. Whether they are used to commute, run errands, or go about daily life, it seems that nearly everyone is on the road almost every day. Unfortunately, these convenient modes of transportation are often involved in collisions with serious consequences.

The ins and outs of filing a claim after an auto accident caused by another person can be far more complicated than most people anticipate. Though insurance companies often offer quick settlements, if you or your passenger is seriously injured, you are likely entitled to significantly more compensation than the insurance representative will tell you.

The claims process can be overwhelming to deal with while you are recovering from severe injuries and emotional trauma. In many cases, however, the only way to recuperate the money you need for your medical bills and ongoing treatment is to file a lawsuit.

An OnderLaw Creve Coeur car accident lawyer will make sure you get the maximum compensation for which you are eligible from the person responsible for your injuries and their insurance company. At OnderLaw, our dedicated personal injury attorneys will handle every aspect of your claim so you can focus on healing. We will be at your side and by your side throughout the recovery process. Our firm is proud of our commitment to helping car crash survivors and their families take back their lives.

Why You Need an Attorney to Handle a Car Accident Claim

No one wants to call a lawyer after a car wreck, but taking the responsible person to court or seeking payment through a settlement may be the only way to get the resources you need for your recovery. In most cases, your car accident attorney will pursue these payments from the other driver’s insurance company. Drivers in Creve Coeur and throughout the state must carry liability insurance in the state of Missouri.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Many car crash victims assume that the at-fault driver’s insurance will honor their claims for compensation. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, especially if someone is seriously injured. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses and will do whatever they can to minimize the amounts they pay to injured car accident victims. If you try to negotiate more compensation on your own, adjusters will likely dig in their heels and refuse your demands. They may question the severity of your injuries or imply that you are faking them to get a bigger settlement. They might also try to blame you for the incident. Most often, they will offer an inadequate settlement and insist it is their best and final offer.

Our skilled car accident lawyers in Creve Coeur are familiar with these tactics and know how to stand up to insurers. Once an insurer knows you have an attorney who will fight for your rights, they will be forced to negotiate in good faith. OnderLaw can spare you and your family from the stress of negotiations and help achieve a larger car accident settlement than you might have received otherwise.

Who Is Responsible for Car Crash Damages?

In Missouri, the driver who causes an accident is responsible for paying compensation to anyone who suffers injuries. If one driver receives a citation, the insurance companies usually consider them at fault. If more than one driver gets a ticket, or none do, the insurance companies investigate the circumstances and negotiate over which driver is responsible.

In some cases, an injured person might bear some responsibility for the crash. When an injured person is also partially liable, Missouri Revised Statutes § 537.765 allows them to collect only partial compensation. Our experienced Creve Coeur car accident attorneys can further explain these laws and how they may affect your traffic accident case.

Unfortunately, insurance companies take advantage of this law and try to shift all or part of the blame to the injured person so they can minimize their payout. Without a strong attorney on your side, they often succeed. That’s why having an attorney fight for your rights is so important.

Types of Compensation in an Auto Accident Case

Damages are all the losses you experience due to an accident. They include:

  • Income lost during recovery
  • Current and future costs of treating and rehabilitating your injuries
  • Diminished future earning capacity if you cannot return to your job

Damages also include losses without a price tag, such as:

  • Physical pain
  • Disability
  • Scarring
  • Emotional suffering
  • Loss of companionship

At OnderLaw, our Creve Coeur car wreck lawyers will listen to your story to understand how a car crash has impacted your quality of life. We fight for the compensation you need to make things right.

Potentially Responsible Parties in Car Accident Cases

Car accident claims usually focus on other involved drivers. However, there are additional parties that could be responsible. Identifying other potentially responsible parties is essential, especially if you suffered severe injuries. The at-fault driver’s insurance coverage limits alone might be insufficient to cover your losses.

Suppose an at-fault driver was working when the crash occurred. In that case, their employer could be responsible for your damages. If a mechanical problem with one of the vehicles contributes to a wreck, the manufacturer might be liable. The local lawyers at our firm will investigate a car crash to determine who might be responsible. Finding multiple sources of insurance coverage helps ensure you receive a settlement that fully compensates your losses.

Do Not Settle a Case Without a Creve Coeur Car Accident Attorney

After a severe wreck, you might be tempted to accept a settlement and walk away. Many people believe involving an attorney will be expensive or draw out the process. In reality, legal counsel works to achieve a reasonable settlement as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, we will not be bullied or manipulated into accepting less than you deserve.

A Creve Coeur car accident lawyer at our firm is ready to take up your cause. We understand this is not just a case—it’s your life. Call OnderLaw today to get a committed advocate fighting for you.