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Columbia Car Accident Statistics

The city of Columbia is the fourth most populous city in Missouri. The landscape is comprised of mountains, waterways, and multiple major highways. With this diverse backdrop and seasonable weather conditions, it’s no surprise that car accidents are common in this area.

According to data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic accident fatalities across the state of Missouri have been steadily rising since 2013. Of all the fatal crashes that took place during this period of time, 71% involved a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Below are some Columbia car accident statistics gathered from multiple traffic and safety organizations by Vision Zero:

  • Approximately 62 people are killed or seriously injured every year
  • Between 2015 and 2016, the number of people killed in car accidents doubled
  • Columbia’s fatality rate is almost twice that of San Francisco and New York City
  • In Missouri, traffic crashes are the leading cause of death of children
  • Nearly 40% of teenage deaths in Missouri are due to traffic crashes
  • 97.3% of crashes involve someone who’s driving in a car compared to someone who’s walking or biking

Unfortunately, most car accidents are avoidable. Distracted driving, driving under the influence, and ignoring traffic signs and signals can cause major accidents on our roadways. Many people who get behind the wheel are in a hurry to get where they need to go or don’t understand certain traffic laws. This can prove to be fatal for anyone who comes in contact with them.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Columbia

At OnderLaw, we know even the safest driver can become the victim of an accident. Despite all the necessary precautions, you can end up suffering the consequences of someone else’s poor decision. Below are some of the most common causes of car accidents:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Ignoring traffic signs and signals
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Wrong-way driving

We know any number of these could have caused your accident. If someone else caused your injuries, they should be held responsible. Medical bills can be expensive, and seeking treatments for months can cause those bills to reach six figures. You’re entitled to compensation for all damages you incur while you’re trying to recover.

What Are Damages, and What Can My Settlement Cover?

In the state of Missouri, all drivers are required to carry auto insurance with minimum liability limits. These liability limits will cover your damages if someone else is at fault for your car accident. Damages are losses you incurred as a direct result of your injuries. Damages you may be compensated for include the following:

  • Medical Expenses – This includes medical bills for hospital, ambulance, physical therapy, permanent disability, home health care, and surgery.
  • Lost Wages – If you’re unable to work because of your injuries, you may be able to receive compensation for wages you couldn’t earn.
  • Pain and Suffering – This is defined as mental or physical distress, including significant pain, anxiety, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Loss of Consortium – Your immediate family member may be entitled to compensation if their relationship with you was affected because of your accident.
  • Wrongful Death – If an individual dies as a result of someone else’s negligence, their family members may be able to file a claim for damages.

Your Columbia auto collision attorney from OnderLaw knows how to negotiate with insurance companies and, when necessary, bring your case to court. We’ve worked on countless car accident cases just like yours. We’ll begin working on your case immediately after you hire us to ensure all the necessary evidence is obtained. We know how to evaluate a client’s claim to determine how much money should be paid out to them based on the severity of their injuries and the amount of damages they’ve incurred.

Should I Hire a Columbia Car Accident Lawyer?

Hiring a Columbia car crash lawyer from OnderLaw is the best decision if you want to receive compensation for your injuries. A lot of people try to handle their cases on their own. If you don’t have legal knowledge, you might not know how to deal with your insurance adjuster or what settlement will be enough to truly cover all the expenses you’ve incurred and will face in the future.

Insurance companies will look for any reason not to pay you or offer you a settlement that is much lower than you deserve. We know how to comb through confusing auto insurance policies to find the information we need and calculate the amount of money that will cover your expenses. With an auto accident attorney in Columbia by your side, you can feel confident knowing we will fight hard to reach a favorable outcome in your case.

Gathering evidence after your car accident will be a vital piece of building a strong case. We’ll collect police reports, photos, video surveillance, and witness statements. While we’re working on finding all the necessary documentation and information we need, you should seek medical attention.

Being able to present records of your treatment to the insurance company will help us prove your injuries deserve compensation. Receiving initial treatment right after the accident is crucial, but it’s also important to listen to your physician and seek treatment from any specialist they recommend. If there’s a gap in your treatment or you skip appointments, the insurance company will use that to deny your claim on the basis that you don’t seem to really be injured.

Negotiating with insurance companies can be a long and difficult process. The insurance adjuster will require all the evidence we’ve found, your medical records, and anything else they believe they need to determine how much they’re willing to offer you. If we’re unable to reach a settlement that’s acceptable to you, we are fully prepared to take your case to trial. Our car wreck attorneys know how to navigate auto accident cases and submit the appropriate evidence to show your injuries were a direct result of your car accident.

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