Suffering a burn injury in California is never a pleasant experience, but what if another person’s negligence caused the injury and you end up paying for the treatment? Where can you go for help?

If another party’s negligence resulted in a burn injury to you or someone you love, call the California personal injury lawyers of OnderLaw today to discuss filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit to obtain compensation for your losses. We have years of experience helping people just like you get the compensation they need to move on after a severe injury, and we can help you do the same. Call today for a free consultation and let us examine your case to determine your eligibility for compensation. Don’t let a burn injury ruin your finances. Call OnderLaw today.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for My Burn Injury?

We help our clients obtain compensation for their injuries through personal injury claims and lawsuits. A personal injury claim is not like other insurance claims and requires the help of a qualified lawyer to prepare correctly. There are several reasons for this.

Your attorney can help make sure your claim is complete, accounts for all your losses, and is supported by evidence. We will start with a thorough investigation of the accident that caused your injuries to determine who was at fault. We will interview you for your recollection of events, gather documentation to prove the severity of your losses and injuries, and interview witnesses that can corroborate your story. When you hire an attorney, you can leave the hard work to us and spend your time recovering from your injuries.

We will then use the information we’ve gathered to tally all the losses you’ve sustained from the accident. This step is crucial as not all losses are easily defined. Some are entirely subjective and require the help of an attorney with previous knowledge of other burn injury cases to estimate.

Once we’ve determined the total value of your losses, we will submit a demand letter to the responsible party’s insurance company. A demand letter is a legal document written on your behalf that directs the insurance company to take certain actions: in this case, paying your claim. The insurance company will then investigate the accident themselves and determine whether your claim has merit.

Your lawyer will then change from your guide to your chief negotiator. We will take the lead on any communication with the insurance company. This is important because insurance companies react differently to an attorney than they do to claimants representing themselves. If you attempt to submit a demand letter on your own, the insurance adjusters in charge of the claim may try to take advantage of your inexperience and convince you to accept a settlement that is far less than your injuries are worth. A settlement is a cash payment intended to compensate you for your losses and induce you to drop your claim against the responsible party. Your attorney will protect your rights and make sure the insurance company doesn’t try to short-change you.

Suppose worse comes to worst, and the insurance company decides your claim doesn’t hold water. In that case, your attorney can assist you with filing a lawsuit in California civil court against the responsible party directly. This takes the final decision about whether you receive compensation away from the insurance company, and it makes them recalculate their costs. Court is expensive, and litigation costs can sometimes be more expensive than a fair settlement for your injuries.

It may seem like an extravagance, but having the help of an attorney can make the entire process more manageable for you and your family.

Why Hire OnderLaw To Represent Me?

We’ve been helping burn victims get fair compensation for their injuries for almost twenty years. We have a proven record of getting the results our clients demand and treating them the way they deserve to be treated.

Just have a look at our Testimonials page to hear from some of our past satisfied clients. You will see generous praise for the level of service we provide. You’ll be treated with compassion and respect at OnderLaw because we understand that you’re more than a statistic.

Our experienced team of legal professionals handles claims of all shapes and sizes, from car accident claims to defective product lawsuits worth hundreds of millions of dollars. We’re not afraid to take on the big cases.

Good legal help is expensive. We don’t want a lack of finances to impede our clients, so we choose to work on contingency. This means there are no upfront fees for our clients. We take our payment as a percentage of any settlement or award we obtain for you. If we don’t get compensation for you, we don’t get paid.

We won’t guarantee a good result for your claim, but we’ve successfully obtained over $4 billion for our clients in settlements and awards, and the same team that got these results is waiting to hear from you.

Causes of Burn Injuries

Burns have a variety of causes, some of which are common to any household in the country. Some root causes include:

  • Hot water or steam
  • Fire
  • Electrical current
  • Radiation
  • Sunburn
  • Abuse
  • Extreme cold
  • Chemicals
  • Hot metal

Types and Severity of Burn Injuries

Some of the more common types of burn injuries include the following:

  • Steam burns or scalding
  • Chemical burns
  • Friction burns
  • Freezing burns (frostbite)
  • Radiation burns
  • Electrical burns

Burn injuries are broken down into degrees. The more severe the injury, the higher the degree.

  • First-degree burns are the lowest severity and damage the top layer of skin only, called the epidermis. A first-degree burn will appear red, may swell, but likely won’t blister, and should heal on its own within a week. A sunburn is a good example of a first-degree burn.
  • Second-degree burns are more severe and damage the epidermis and the layer of skin underneath it, the dermis. These types of injuries appear red, swollen, or wet, and blisters will likely form. Second-degree burns take longer to heal, may require skin grafts, and can cause scarring.
  • Third-degree burns damage the epidermis, dermis, and fatty layer underneath. Third-degree burns also damage nerves, sweat glands, and hair follicles. These injuries may appear leathery, with the damaged skin looking white, yellow, or brown, but the damaged area may be less painful due to destroyed nerves. They usually require skin grafts and leave significant scarring.
  • Fourth-degree burns damage the skin, fatty layer, nerves, and muscle tissue, ligaments, tendons, and bones. These injuries can be life-threatening. Skin grafts will be necessary to cover the damaged tissue, and severe scarring will remain after the wound heals.

Burn injuries can also cause significant complications. More severe injuries like third and fourth-degree burns can destroy muscle and bone, leaving the victim unable to use the damaged limbs. Burns can lead to infection in the damaged area or sepsis in the blood, dehydration, edema, or even organ damage. Burn victims also suffer from scarring and disfigurement that can severely affect well-being and quality of life.

Compensation for Burn Injuries

The amount of compensation available for a burn injury depends mainly on the circumstances that caused it and its severity. The more severe the injury, the more compensation you should demand.

To receive compensation, you and your attorney must prove the responsible party was negligent. You must use evidence to show the party responsible for your injury broke California law by not exercising due care and behaving in a way that harmed you. If we can show they had a duty to act in a certain manner, didn’t do so, and their action or inaction caused your injuries, we should be able to get you compensation.

The goal of obtaining compensation is to restore you to the state you were in before the injury. You can be compensated for any losses resulting from the injury, monetary or otherwise. These losses are called damages.

Some damages have a dollar value attached and relate to the cost of treating and recovering from the burn injury. These are economic damages. Some examples include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Lost opportunity
  • Household expenses

Other damages have no dollar value, are subjective, and relate to the mental experience of the injury. These are noneconomic damages. There are several categories, such as:

  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reputational damage
  • Emotional distress

Your lawyer can help you determine which damages apply to your case and assign a dollar value to each one.

California Burn Injury Statistics

Here are some data and statistics regarding burn injuries in California and elsewhere:

  • FEMA reported approximately 16,000 burn injuries nationwide in 2019.
  • Hot water scald burns cause more deaths and hospitalizations of children than any other type of burn.
  • 69 percent of burn injuries nationwide occur in the home.
  • Though burns are common, they are rarely fatal.

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