Securing workers’ compensation benefits can be a life-changing event for anyone who is hurt at work. However, this process is not always simple. Employers and their insurance companies are known for denying workers’ compensation claims, even though the system is designed to work no matter who was at fault for the accident.

For many people, a negotiated settlement can make sense following a denied claim. With the help of a capable workers’ compensation attorney, you could reach an agreement with your employer to ensure you get the benefits you deserve. Before you negotiate with your employer on your own, let a dedicated lawyer at OnderLaw help with workers’ compensation settlements in Brentwood. We will fight for the comprehensive payments you need to move forward with your life.

What Happens When You Settle?

When a person is granted a workers’ compensation award, they typically receive payments on a weekly basis. These payments are in addition to the cost of medical care and are designed to cover the wages a worker missed out on due to their injury.

There is another option, however. Sometimes, an employer will negotiate a settlement with an injured employee on their workers’ compensation claim in Brentwood. This voluntary agreement differs from traditional claims in one important way: they are usually paid in a lump sum.

Instead of receiving weekly checks for months or years, an injured worker gets a single payout from the insurance company. This settlement is final, meaning the worker gives up any right to future compensation for the injury. The terms of these settlements can vary, with some agreements providing for continued medical care while fully settling the lost wages aspect of the claim.

There are risks and rewards that come with a settlement. If your condition unexpectedly worsens, you do not have the option of seeking additional compensation. However, receiving the full value of the claim upfront could improve your quality of life and meet your needs while you are recovering. One of the knowledgeable lawyers at OnderLaw can advise whether settling is the best decision in your specific case.

The Right Time to Consider a Settlement

According to the law, there are no limitations on when two parties can settle a workers’ compensation claim in Brentwood. That does not mean it is always the right time to settle. In fact, settling too early in the process can result in a bad outcome for an injured worker.

The best time to settle is after you reach your maximum medical improvement—or MMI. MMI occurs when you heal as much as possible from an injury. This is not always healing fully, as there are some cases where the effects of an injury are permanent.

Settling after a doctor determines you have reached MMI reduces the risk of your condition worsening. At MMI, you have a clear picture of what your future employment options might look like. However, some risk is still involved in settling these cases, even after MMI. The reliable attorneys at OnderLaw can help reduce these risks by carefully evaluating a settlement offer to determine if it will likely meet your long-term needs. Allow our team of trusted legal professionals to help you make the best decision for your future.

Call About Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Brentwood

If you are considering a settlement for your workers’ compensation benefits, making this decision on your own is risky. A mistake during this process could deprive you of substantial compensation for your injuries in the future. Speak to an experienced attorney at OnderLaw about workers’ compensation settlements in Brentwood.

We know this about much more than a claim; this is your life. Let us help you navigate this complex process and obtain the fair compensation you deserve.