The workers’ compensation system is designed to be “no-fault,” meaning it pays out settlements no matter who caused a workplace accident. Although this system aims to ensure a worker’s medical needs are met immediately after an accident, insurance companies are known for dragging their feet or avoiding claims entirely.

If your claim was denied, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help. You have the right to appeal, but doing so on your own can be difficult. A Brentwood workers’ compensation appeals lawyer at OnderLaw can help with your case. They can guide you through the best path to obtain the benefits you deserve. Our trusted legal team will be with you every step of the way through the appeals process. At OnderLaw, we’re not just on your side, we’re by your side.

Why Would a Claim be Denied?

Insurance companies are full of excuses to deny a claim. Some of them are genuine issues that must be resolved before an insurance company can pay. Others are excuses designed to avoid full accountability. No matter the excuse, our dedicated Brentwood workers’ compensation appeals attorneys at OnderLaw can appeal the denial. We won’t let greedy insurance companies get away with denying you the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

Understanding why your claim was denied is an important part of the appeals process. The letter informing you of the denial explains the insurance company’s reasoning. Some common grounds for denying a worker’s compensation claim include:

  • The worker was impaired
  • The worker was involved in horseplay
  • The worker has a pre-existing condition
  • The injury was beyond the scope of employment

The Appeals Process

Regardless of the reason for the denial, you have the right to appeal the decision to the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation, which is the entity is responsible for most aspects of workers’ compensation appeals.

The first step you should take after an insurance company denies your claim is filing something known as a “Request for Review.” This form provides notice that you want to appeal the denial and potentially have it reversed. You must file this request within 20 days of receiving the denial letter.

These appeals are initially heard by an administrative law judge. A judge will typically set a pre-hearing conference before the case is heard on its merits. At this conference, the judge will review the important issues of the case and set the formal hearing date.

The formal hearing is your chance to be heard. During this hearing, both sides can present evidence. The judge will weigh the evidence and decide if the denial of the claim was valid.

If the judge denies your review, the appeals process does not have to end here. You can appeal the case to the Missouri Court of Appeals, though this process is more of a review of the case and less of a trial. Finally, you can appeal the case to the Missouri Supreme Court. However, the court is not obligated to hear the case.

No matter how far into the appeals process you have to go to get the payments you deserve, our committed workers’ compensation lawyers in Brentwood will stand by your side and protect your rights every step of the way.

Talk to a Brentwood Attorney About the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Process

If your workers’ compensation claim was denied, you have the right to seek legal counsel. Our knowledgeable and reliable team of attorneys at OnderLaw may be able to help you reverse the decision on appeal and get the monetary award you deserve.

You do not need to handle your appeal alone. Reach out to a Brentwood workers’ compensation appeals lawyer at our firm today.