Brentwood is a hub for interstate traffic and major arterial routes for the St. Louis metro area. With these roads comes heavy truck traffic, and side-impact collisions involving these massive vehicles are all-too common. When tractor-trailers are involved in T-bone crashes, major injuries almost always result.

No matter where your side-impact truck accident in Brentwood occurred or how it came about, you likely have a right to receive compensation for the harm you have suffered. Our supportive legal professionals know how difficult it can be to deal with defense lawyers and insurance representatives in the wake of a traumatic traffic accident. We work on your behalf to ensure you get every cent of compensation you deserve for the losses you have sustained. Reach out to one of our compassionate truck accident attorneys at OnderLaw today.

How Negligence Can Lead to Side-Impact Truck Crashes

In legal terms, the basis of almost every civil claim resulting from injuries suffered in a side-impact truck accident in Brentwood is negligence. Someone who harms someone else because of something they failed to do should be financially liable for the physical, financial, and personal injuries that resulted. Both overtly illegal actions, like ignoring stop signs, and careless acts, like getting distracted behind the wheel, can serve as grounds for a claim or lawsuit built around negligence. This is because both behaviors count as breaches of the duty all drivers have to obey traffic laws and act responsibly while driving.

Someone found liable for causing a T-bone or sideswipe truck crash based on their negligence can be made to pay for every economic and non-economic form of harm that crash results in, including:

  • Physical pain and discomfort;
  • Emotional trauma and suffering;
  • Lost work income, benefits, or earning capacity;
  • Vehicle damage and other forms of personal property loss;
  • Emergency medical bills and expected long-term care costs; and
  • Lost overall enjoyment/quality of life, including lost consortium.

It isn’t only truck drivers who may be negligent. Sometimes dangerous road conditions, lack of signage, or other hazards that are the responsibility of the city or a private business owner may be the cause of a T-bone accident. In other instances, trucking companies that fail to maintain their vehicles or contractors who put pressure on drivers to meet unreasonable quotas can also be held responsible.

Importantly, though, even people who suffer permanent and debilitating injuries through crashes of this nature generally have just five years at most to file a lawsuit under Missouri state law. So, contacting legal counsel should be your top priority after any kind of truck accident.

Avoiding Comparative Fault for Your Injuries

A reliable truck accident lawyer can help you to navigate accusations that aside-impact crash in Brentwood was all or partly your fault. This is called “comparative negligence.” In brief, someone who gets hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence can also be found partially responsible for their injuries based on their own negligence. They are then assigned a percentage of fault by the court.

The amount of comparative negligence someone is assigned for either causing a side-impact wreck or contributing to their own injuries could result in a reduction of their compensation. Insurance companies like to use the concept of comparative negligence to reduce the amount they must pay to you. Our dedicated attorneys at OnderLaw can fight against baseless allegations and collect evidence that holds the at-fault person, or entity fully accountable for their negligent actions.

Consider Working With a Brentwood Attorney on a Side-Impact Truck Accident Claim

Getting hit by a tractor trailer or other large truck under any circumstances can be both physically debilitating and psychologically scarring. However, side-impact truck accidents in Brentwood tend to be especially dangerous in both respects. Receiving compensation you need to move forward with your life can be far from simple.

Fortunately, the trustworthy legal professionals at OnderLaw are here to help you every step of the way. Call today to learn more.