Every motor vehicle has blind spots that the driver can’t easily see from behind the wheel. It probably comes as no surprise that massive tractor-trailers have particularly large blind spots. Because of this, truck drivers are trained to be exceptionally careful, and to check their blind spots using their mirrors, collision detection systems, and anything else at their disposal. They must make sure they don’t accidentally collide with another car—or even worse, a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian—when making turns or switching traffic lanes.

Any truck driver who recklessly or carelessly causes a blind spot truck accident in Brentwood could be held financially responsible for the consequences of that accident—and in many situations, so could their employer. If you were recently injured in this sort of wreck, you should strongly consider seeking help from the experienced truck crash attorneys at OnderLaw. Working with our trusted legal professionals will ensure you have the best possible chance of case success.

At OnderLaw, we are proud of our commitment to helping truck accident victims seek the fair compensation they need to recover from their injuries and move on with their lives. We are here for you.

Where Are the Blind Spots on a Commercial Truck?

From the front bumper of its cab to the back bumper of its trailer, an average semi can be as long as 80 feet. Additionally, truck operators sit much higher above the road than any other passenger vehicle driver. These factors combine to create multiple blind spots large enough to hide entire vehicles—sometimes, more than one—from the truck driver’s line of sight.

Typical blind spots of a tractor-trailer span:

  • About 20 feet from the truck’s front bumper;
  • About 30 feet from the trailer’s rear bumper;
  • Out from behind the driver’s window about one traffic lane and back about halfway down the trailer’s left side; and
  • Out from behind the passenger’s window about two traffic lanes and back along the trailer’s entire right side to several feet past the rear bumper.

Though it is certainly helpful for other drivers to be aware of a truck’s blind spots, the vast majority of blind spot truck crashes in Brentwood and around Missouri are the fault of the person driving the truck.

Getting Paid Fairly Within Legal Filing Deadlines

Even a glancing sideswipe by a truck driver who didn’t check their blind spots can lead to a terrible wreck. Since not all of the consequences can be measured in clear terms, it’s important when seeking compensation over blind spot tractor-trailer accidents in Brentwood to account for both economic losses—like medical bills and car repair costs—and physical and psychological suffering, like lost overall enjoyment of life caused by a long-term injury.

No matter what your injuries are, you still only have five years to formally demand compensation for all the losses you’ll ever experience as a result of the crash, according to Missouri Revised Statutes § 516.120. Identifying and estimating the value of expected future losses is one of the many ways our experienced legal professionals at OnderLaw can help with building a successful and comprehensive claim.

A Diligent Brentwood Attorney Can Help After a Blind-Spot Truck Accident

Truckers who don’t check their blind spots regularly put everyone on the road around them at risk of life-altering harm. Even if your injuries from a blind spot truck accident in Brentwood will heal completely over time, you may still be owed substantial compensation for the physical, financial, and personal losses you’ve experienced due to a truck driver’s misconduct.

Assistance is available from reliable truck accident lawyers who will be on and by your side throughout every stage of your legal proceedings. Call OnderLaw today to schedule a free consultation with one of our dedicated attorneys.