A reckless driver can change your life in a split second. Being hit by a car or other motor vehicle can leave you with devastating injuries that may never fully heal. Even if you are able to make a full recovery, you may need significant resources to pay for your medical bills and protect your financial future.

Any careless driver who strikes and injures a pedestrian can be held accountable through civil litigation. Getting the compensation you need can be challenging without help from someone who knows how to fight and win these types of cases. Insurance companies often offer quick settlements, but you are likely entitled to significantly more compensation than the adjusters will tell you. Even if they seem friendly, they are not on your side.

That’s where OnderLaw comes in.

A Brentwood pedestrian accident lawyer at our firm will fight to protect your rights and help you take back your life. We don’t just take on cases; we take on causes. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys are here to stand with you and provide the support you need throughout this difficult time in your life.

Establishing Fault for Your Injuries and Losses

Compared to anyone else who might be caught in a traffic collision, pedestrians have the highest risk of suffering permanent and debilitating harm. Victims often experience injuries like spinal cord trauma, severe brain damage, internal organ damage, and loss of limb. Even in comparatively minor accidents, pedestrians struck by motor vehicles may sustain bone fractures, soft-tissue injuries, and lacerations that might take months to heal and require expensive medical care.

Despite the potential severity of injuries, a pedestrian and their attorney must still prove that the driver who hit them was liable for the accident. This involves showing that the driver did not act as a reasonable person would in the same circumstances. A diligent Brentwood pedestrian accident attorney at our firm could work to hold the driver accountable for an injured pedestrian’s past and future medical expenses, as well as other losses such as:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Personal property damage/loss
  • Lost consortium and overall quality of life
  • Emotional trauma and psychological distress
  • Lost working capacity and short-term income

However, pedestrian accident claims can be legally complicated, making it important to work with skilled legal counsel.

Difficulties in a Pedestrian Crash Claim

Even though pedestrians are at far greater risk of suffering physical harm in a collision than anyone inside the motor vehicle that hit them, they can still be found liable for causing or worsening their own injuries. If a court finds that you are partially at fault for your own accident, it may reduce the amount of compensation you can recover through a successful claim.

Additionally, under Missouri Revised Statutes § 516.120, you have a maximum of five years after a pedestrian accident to start your lawsuit. This might seem like plenty of time, but five years can pass quickly when dealing with serious injuries. You should seek support from our skilled pedestrian accident lawyers as soon as possible after a crash in Brentwood.

Work With a Brentwood Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Collisions between cars and people on foot are often catastrophic and even deadly. Many of these accidents happen because of misconduct by the driver involved. Without capable legal counsel helping you, though, you may have slim odds of successfully holding a driver liable for your losses.

A Brentwood pedestrian accident lawyer at OnderLaw will stand by your side every step of the way through your legal proceedings. Our legal team is proud of our commitment to helping injured victims recover from severe accidents and take back their power. Call our firm today to discuss your situation and get the support you need.