Placing a loved one in a nursing home is a difficult decision. You and your family must thoroughly research potential facilities to ensure your loved one will be properly cared for. Sadly, many nursing homes do not give residents the care and attention they deserve.

Some facilities fail to screen or train their staff properly, allowing negligence and abuse to cause severe harm to residents. Nursing homes have a legal duty to protect their residents. If they fail to provide this protection, they owe victims and their families for any resulting harm.

When you suspect your loved one is being mistreated, contact a Brentwood nursing home abuse lawyer immediately to discuss your options. The dedicated personal injury attorneys at OnderLaw will take immediate action to ensure your loved one’s safety and hold the facility accountable. We are proud of our commitment to helping victims and their families seek justice and improve nursing home conditions for future residents.

The Rights of Residents in Brentwood Nursing Homes

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are legally obligated to keep their residents safe. The state’s Nursing Home Residents’ Rights publication outlines these obligations. As residential facilities, nursing homes must work to provide a generally safe environment for their residents. This includes taking steps to prevent bedsores, malnutrition, or accidental injuries such as slips and falls.

Nursing facilities also function as medical providers that must provide their residents with proper nursing, rehabilitation, and hospice care. Failing to live up to these duties makes a nursing home liable to compensate injured residents.

A facility that allows abuse to occur on its property violates these laws. The skilled Brentwood nursing home negligence lawyers at OnderLaw can bring a lawsuit demanding compensation for a resident’s physical injuries and emotional suffering from nursing home abuse or neglect. Our local nursing home neglect attorneys are dedicated to fighting for residents’ rights and preventing future harm in assisted living facilities.

Why Is Abuse So Prevalent in Nursing Homes?

People who enter nursing homes are unable to care for themselves. Some residents may struggle to communicate their needs and concerns. This leaves them vulnerable to people who want to take advantage of others and abuse their positions of power. Sadly, nursing homes often attract abusers who want to feel powerful against helpless victims. Nursing homes are legally obligated to screen for these tendencies during hiring and training, but many fail to do so.

This results in high rates of abusive behavior in assisted living facilities. Some of the most extreme examples include incidents when a staff member intends to harm a resident, such as by:

  • Using improper restraining techniques
  • Yelling or verbally abusing them
  • Slapping, punching, or pushing them

For residents in already frail conditions, these actions can result in broken bones, internal bleeding, severe physical harm, and emotional trauma.

Neglect in Retirement Homes

However, not all nursing home mistreatment is intentional. Residents can also experience harm due to neglect caused by understaffing or insufficient training in the nursing home. For example, an overworked staff member may forget to turn a bedridden patient, leading to bedsores. Anyone who suspects neglect in a nursing home should contact our proactive Brentwood nursing home abuse attorneys to rectify the situation and pursue legal action against the facility.

Contact Our Dedicated Brentwood Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Every nursing home, skilled nursing facility, and hospice home has the same obligation to protect its residents against accidental harm and intentional abuse. Whether a case involves intentional abuse or neglect, nursing home mistreatment should never be tolerated. OnderLaw will investigate your situation, hold the wrongdoers accountable, and support you and your family throughout this difficult time.

A Brentwood nursing home abuse lawyer is committed to you and your cause. Although nothing can undo the harm your loved one has suffered, a claim for compensation can help ensure they live a comfortable life moving forward. Legal action can also motivate the facility to change its ways and protect residents from future harm.

You are not alone in your fight for justice. Contact OnderLaw today to learn how we will be on your side and by your side throughout your case.