When you or someone you love is harmed by a product you trusted, you may not be sure of your legal rights or how to protect them. Medical bills may be piling up, and at the same time, you may be losing income if you’ve had to take time off of work for treatment or recovery. You may also not know exactly who can be held accountable for the pain and injuries you’ve suffered. But you probably do know that you need help from someone who is an expert in the legal process and who cares about you and your claim.

When a manufacturer’s negligence or dangerous actions cause you harm, you do not have to suffer alone. For over 100 years, the defective products lawyers at OnderLaw have been standing up for and standing with our Brentwood friends and neighbors when they need us most.

We hold manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and other responsible parties accountable for unsafe consumer goods. Our dedicated injury attorneys will help you demand the compensation you deserve from negligent manufacturers. We can explain the relevant state laws, gather evidence of manufacturer negligence, and work to understand the full impact of an injury on your life. We will be both on your side and by your side during every step of the process.

Our Brentwood defective products lawyers will help you demand the compensation you deserve from negligent manufacturers. We will talk to you about the relevant state laws, gather evidence to help prove your case and help you seek compensation for the full impact your injury has had on your life. We will be both on your side and by your side during every step of the process.

When are Product Manufacturers Liable for an Injury?

  1. Missouri’s product liability laws are defined under Missouri Statute § 537.760. These laws say that the makers of products are strictly liable to injured customers under one of two circumstances: The maker is liable if the product left their control in a dangerous condition. This means that they made the product, then passed it along to someone else for you to buy or use. This may include situations where the product was defective because of a design flaw or an error in the manufacturing process.
  2. The maker is liable if they did not provide proper instructions for safe use. This is especially important when using potentially dangerous products like medications, electric appliances, or when using toxic

Our Brentwood attorneys have a lot of experience thoroughly investigating defective products and the damage they can cause. We know how to build strong cases against product manufacturers, and we aren’t afraid to stand up for the rights of injured consumers.

Standing Up to Negligent Product Manufacturers

Defective product cases are much like any other personal injury claims. The company responsible for your injuries must provide compensation for your losses. However, this only applies if you do not share any blame for the incident. Defendants may argue that you caused your own injuries by using their product incorrectly, especially in these types of cases.

Under state law, you cannot collect full compensation if you are partially at fault for your own injuries. Whether or not you did anything to contribute to your injuries, manufacturers and their defense attorneys will almost always try to blame you for your accident so that they don’t have to pay you the compensation you deserve. We can help. Working with a Brentwood product liability attorney at OnderLaw is the best way to safeguard yourself against these allegations and protect your right to compensation.

Helping Injured Consumers in Brentwood Collect Compensation

Hazardous products can lead to many injuries, including but not limited to:

Many incidents can also lead to economic losses. For instance, a defective product can result in severe injuries that force you to miss time at work. In these cases, our Brentwood defective products attorneys can demand reimbursement for lost wages.

Many injuries are also emotionally traumatizing. You may experience a loss of quality of life if you are unable to attend school, participate in hobbies, or be intimate with your partner. The defective products lawyers at our firm will evaluate the full impact of an injury on your life and fight for every dollar of compensation you are entitled to receive.

Speak with a Brentwood Defective Products Attorney Now

Every product manufacturer has a legal obligation to make items that are safe for their intended use. They are required to create safe designs and warn people like us of any potential dangers associated with using their products. When manufacturers fail these duties, consumers can suffer serious harm.

OnderLaw is prepared to stand up for you and fight for the compensation needed to set things right. A Brentwood defective products lawyer will investigate the cause of your injury, measure how it has affected your life, and demand appropriate payments for your losses. We are honored to advocate for those affected by dangerous consumer goods, and we’re changing the way corporations do business, one case at a time. Contact OnderLaw today to learn how we can help you pursue justice.