Whether prescribed by a physician or sold over the counter in a drugstore or pharmacy, medications are necessary for millions of Americans. In their rush to maximize profits and beat competitors to new markets, pharmaceutical companies don’t always put their products through sufficient testing to identify all potential risks associated with their use. Some even deliberately mislead doctors and the public about what effects their products might inadvertently have.

If you believe you or a family member were harmed by a medication’s undisclosed side effect or contraindication, consider talking with a Brentwood dangerous drugs lawyer about your legal options. At OnderLaw, our tenacious personal injury attorneys will stand by your side at every stage of the pharmaceutical litigation process. A lawsuit may be the only way to get much-needed compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost work, and long-term care. It can also hold companies accountable for their actions and motivate them to improve the safety of their products.

Grounds for Dangerous Drug Litigation

Pharmaceutical companies are given a bit of leeway for liability for harm caused by their products compared to other companies that make and sell consumer products. The fact that a consumer drug had an unsatisfactory outcome—or even that it had an actively harmful effect—does not justify civil litigation by itself. Even the most diligent research cannot create a drug that works perfectly for all patients.

However, pharmaceutical companies are expected to conduct a reasonable amount of research and testing before putting a new drug on the market. They must also notify consumers and physicians of known side effects and contraindications.

As our knowledgeable Brentwood dangerous drug attorneys can explain, failure to do this may constitute a “failure to warn.” This is one of the “defects” a product can have that makes the manufacturer strictly liable for any harm caused to consumers using the product for its intended purpose.

Other defects include fundamental problems with a drug’s chemical formulation that cause serious complications not found on the drug’s label or errors during the manufacturing process for individual units or batches.

Mass Tort Claims in Brentwood and Nationwide

A defective medication lawsuit can demand payment for all the same losses as a typical personal injury claim. This includes both economic and non-economic forms of harm like pain and suffering, lost work income, medical bills, and lost quality of life. However, even if a patient has extensive evidence establishing that a drug company is strictly liable for their damages, overcoming the fierce opposition from a massive corporation’s legal representation can be almost impossible to accomplish alone.

If you and multiple others were harmed in similar or identical ways by the same company, state law allows you to combine your cases and pursue collective compensation through “mass tort litigation.” OnderLaw’s diligent dangerous drugs lawyers in Brentwood can advise you on starting or joining this type of claim.

Call a Brentwood Dangerous Drugs Attorney for Help

Defective and dangerous consumer medications cause immense harm to thousands of unsuspecting patients each year. In these situations, guidance from experienced legal counsel is essential not just to maximize your compensation but often to get any compensation at all from the corporation responsible for your losses.

Speaking to a Brentwood dangerous drugs lawyer should be a priority for anyone who suspects they became injured or ill because of a hazardous medication. At OnderLaw, we specialize in pharmaceutical litigation and can help you and your family safeguard your financial future following medical emergencies or losses stemming from a dangerous drug.

We proudly represent individuals and families in our community against billion-dollar pharmaceutical corporations. Often, these companies will only recall a dangerous product or add a warning once they face litigation.

Call us today to learn how we can help you fight negligent corporations, seek justice, and take back your life.