Women Join Paragard Lawsuits after IUD Breaks

Women who needed hysterectomy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, and laparotomy may be eligible for compensation.

ParagardFor decades, women have been implanted with an interuterine device (IUD) called Paragard T 380A, or simply “Paragard.” These women, and their doctors, trusted that The Cooper Company, who makes the device, was being honest and forthright about its safety. Yet tens of thousands of implants are believed to have ended in disaster, breaking apart when they were being removed and causing women to have to undergo serious invasive surgeries and procedures. 

An estimated 250,000 to 400,000 women have received Paragard implants. Those who endured laparoscopy, laparotomy, hysteroscopy, or hysterectomy after 2005 are now suing The Cooper Company and it’s prior iterations for damages. 

Paragard is the only IUD in the United States to be made from copper. It is non-hormonal, which is enticing to many women who do not want to deal with weight gain and other side effects resulting from hormonal forms of birth control. 

Paragard is implanted by a physician. Once it is in place, two arms unfold, giving the device a “T” shape. The IUD is supposedly designed to stay in place for many years, but when it does, the plastic form tends to become brittle. As the doctor removes it from the patient, an arm can break off of the device and become problematic.

What Happens when a Paragard IUD Breaks?

When the Paragard IUD breaks while being removed, the broken piece can be very sharp. It can become painfully embedded in the uterus, may perforate the uterine wall or cervix, or can migrate to other parts of the body. Scarring or damage to other abdominal organs can occur, and women can suffer a host of other problems.

When a Paragard IUD breaks, doctors have a number of options to remedy the situation. Among them are the following procedures:

Hysteroscopy – Hysteroscopy is the use of an endoscope to inspect the uterus.

Laparoscopy – Laparoscopy is a surgery performed in the abdomen or pelvis using small incisions with the aid of a camera.

Hysterectomy – Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus.

Laparotomy – A laparotomy is a surgical procedure involving small incisions through the abdominal wall to gain access into the abdominal cavity.

In addition to scarring and pain, women have experienced complications relating to these procedures, including the inability to ever have children. 

Do I Qualify for a Paragard Lawsuit?

You may be qualified for compensation if you have experienced all of the following:

  1. You were implanted with Paragard IUD after 2005.
  2. Your Paragard IUD was in place for less than 10 years.
  3. Paragard IUD broke upon removal.
  4. You had to undergo hysterectomy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, or laparotomy in order to remove the fractured piece.
  5. You may or may not have experienced difficulty with a pregnancy, or inability to become pregnant, following one of these invasive procedures.

What Do I Do if I Might Qualify for a Paragard Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one has needed an invasive medical procedure following breakage of a Paragard copper IUD after 2005, please call the personal injury attorneys at OnderLaw for a free, no-obligation consultation. We fight for people like you, whose lives have been forever altered due to a company’s greedy desires to put profits over people.

Time is of the essence. Contact us today.  You may be eligible for compensation.