Why Is the Black Box Important in Truck Accidents?

Being in a truck accident can cause severe injuries to everyone involved. Unlike collisions involving two passenger vehicles, the size and weight of a semi-truck make collisions with it even more dangerous. If the truck accident is caused by the negligence of the truck driver, the truck driver or their company might have to compensate those whom they injured.

To determine whether a truck accident was caused by the truck driver, a proper investigation will look for multiple types of evidence that can provide a picture of how the accident occurred. Did the driver’s actions cause the accident? Was the truck properly inspected? These are a few questions that your attorney will want to have answered. Another piece of evidence your attorney will look at is the truck’s black box.

What a Black Box Is

black box truck accidentA black box, or an electronic logging device (ELD), is installed on a truck’s engine and logs the activity of the truck. This activity includes the status of the engine’s power and vehicle movements, how long and when the engine runs, the number of miles the truck is driven, and identifying information for the truck driver and the truck. For example, a truck’s black box can divulge the speed at which the truck was being driven at a particular time, whether or when the driver used the brakes, and how they steered the truck. Every ELD installed in trucks must meet certain technical specifications. The data from ELDs can be transferred to safety officials when requested.

Why It’s Important

A black box can provide unique details into the cause of a truck accident. As your attorneys, we will try to find out how the truck driver may have caused your accident by conducting an investigation. We will request to view several types of evidence from the truck driver, their employer, and safety officials, including the truck’s black box. If the truck driver took certain actions immediately before the accident that may have contributed to the accident, that could strengthen our argument as to the truck driver’s (and, perhaps, their employer’s) liability. If we prove the truck driver was liable for your accident, then you would be entitled to compensation from them and/or their employer.

Common Truck Accident Causes

Truck drivers and their employers can cause truck accidents in several different ways:

  • Speeding by the truck driver
  • Alcohol or drug use by the truck driver
  • Mechanical failure, potentially overlooked or missed by the employer due to non-routine inspections or neglected maintenance
  • Inexperienced truck driver, which could be the result of negligent hiring practices
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Truck driver distractions, such as cell phone usage

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