When a Loved One is Neglected or Abused in a Nursing Home

Nursing home neglect and abuse are among the fastest-growing complaints in the fallout of COVID-19. Now that families are able to visit their loved ones in person, they are discovering that their loved ones are suffering from injuries resulting from neglect or abuse, including preventable falls, severe bedsores, and serious medication errors.

When nursing home staff neglects or abuses a resident and injuries occur, the nursing home is responsible. Nurses and aides are supposed to be trained to keep your loved one safe, and when they don’t, it is often an issue of poor oversight, poor training, understaffing, or even laziness on the part of staff and management.

The only way to truly hold a nursing home responsible and to ensure that no one else’s loved one has to suffer as your loved one has is to take legal action. Nursing homes must be held responsible when their actions or lack of action results in suffering. Through civil courts, they can be ordered to pay for losses and for the harm they have caused due to nursing home abuse or neglect.

OnderLaw has been representing nursing home residents and their family members for nearly two decades, holding nursing homes accountable for bedsores, broken bones, and other injuries — including death. When the injuries are serious, or when a loved one dies at the hands of a negligent long-term care staff, we fight for families.

Nursing Home Death Lawyers

Some of the most heartbreaking stories we hear are those that involve the death of a treasured spouse, parent, or grandparent whose long and beautiful life was ended cruelly by the neglect or abuse of nursing home staff. When this happens, surviving spouses, children, or others who are entitled to an inheritance from the estate of the deceased can bring a claim against the skilled care facility.

Wrongful death claims against nursing facilities can be complicated. It is important to find a nursing home death attorney you can trust to be professional, diligent, and well-versed on elder abuse laws and court processes. We would be honored for you to consider our experienced nursing home death and nursing home neglect attorneys at OnderLaw. We are passionate about bringing justice to victims of nursing home abuse.

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Nursing Home Injury Victims

If your loved one has suffered Level 3 or Level 4 bedsores or injury due to medication errors or preventable falls, our personal injury attorneys at OnderLaw can help. No one should have to suffer these types of injuries due to the negligence of nursing home staff or understaffing. 

We hold long-term care facilities and other skilled care providers accountable when they hurt our most vulnerable elderly or incapacitated loved ones. No matter where you live in the United States, Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation, or contact us online. We don’t get paid unless you win your case, and we will fight for you.