What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Whether or not you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle collision before, getting caught up in a wreck while riding a motorcycle can be a uniquely frightening and traumatic experience. In the aftermath of such an accident, it can be understandably hard to think about what to do or even where to go next, especially if you’re dealing with serious injuries as a direct result of the crash.

Having help from an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer at OnderLaw can make a world of difference not just in protecting your rights, but also in demanding fair financial recovery for your losses. Below are some basic tips about what to do after a motorcycle accident that’ll hopefully help you to be prepared in the event of an unexpected collision.

Follow “Hit and Run” Laws

No matter what state a motorcycle accident happens in, you’ll be expected to do certain things before leaving the scene, under punishment of being criminally charged for “hit and run” or some equivalent offense. Typically, you’ll be required to:

  • Stop your vehicle out of the flow of traffic if possible.
  • Help anyone who needs it get to safety.
  • Call police and emergency services if anyone has been hurt.
  • Wait at the scene until you’ve given your contact and insurance information to police and to everyone else directly involved in the wreck.

Take Photos/Videos of the Crash Scene

While you’re waiting for police to arrive, taking photos or videos of where the accident happened, the damage sustained by vehicles involved, and any injuries you’ve suffered can be very helpful. This can provide crucial context later on during a civil lawsuit or settlement demand for how the crash played out and its specific effects on you and your property.

Get Contact Info from Eyewitnesses

Along the same lines, getting contact information from people who saw your wreck happen can greatly strengthen a possible future lawsuit. Their testimony can provide further details on how the crash occurred and who acted irresponsibly in a way that contributed to causing it.

Seek Professional Medical Attention

Even if you feel fine in the moment, you should always go to an emergency room or urgent care clinic as soon as possible after a motorcycle crash to get a professional evaluation of your condition. On top of potentially identifying injuries you weren’t aware of yet, your visit will also produce a written report of your overall condition created by a qualified physician. This evidence can be essential to recovering financially from your injuries later on.

Be Careful When Speaking to Insurance Adjusters

In the days or even hours after a motorcycle wreck, you’re likely to hear from insurance adjusters representing your insurance provider and anyone else involved in the collision. While you shouldn’t necessarily avoid talking to these representatives, you should also be extremely careful when doing so not to offer any unnecessary information. You should also phrase your answers carefully since they’ll be looking for any excuse to pin the blame for the crash on you and avoid liability for your losses.

Contact a Trusted Attorney for Help with a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Maybe the single most important thing to do after a motorcycle accident is to get in touch with legal representation sooner rather than later. The experienced and caring lawyers at OnderLaw know how to handle situations exactly like yours and can work tenaciously to get you every cent of the money you deserve for your damages. We are familiar with the insurance companies’ tactics, and we will not let them bully you into accepting less than what you need to recover.

We know this is about much more than a claim; this is your life, and we are here to fight for what is right. Learn more by calling today.