What Is Considered a Long-Term Injury?

A long-term injury is a serious injury that permanently impacts your ability to live as you did before the incident. While long-term injuries occur for a variety of reasons, acts of negligence are responsible for far too many of these injuries.

When you or a loved one are dealing with a long-term injury, the legal team at OnderLaw can review your case and explain what options may be available. We are not afraid to stand up to corporations, insurance companies, and other players who frequently use their influence and power to intimidate injured people like you. We will fight for every penny you deserve for your suffering and work tirelessly to secure the most favorable outcome for your case.

Types of Long-Term Injuries

Long-term injuries can refer to various types of personal injuries that are not only physical but leave lasting emotional and psychological harm. Injuries like broken bones, internal organ injuries, nerve damage, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and paralysis are just some examples of serious long-term injuries that could have lasting repercussions on your quality of life.

Burn injuries, the loss of a limb, musculoskeletal injuries, scarring, and disfigurement are also examples of physical losses that fall into the category of long-term injuries. These long-term injuries could be caused by various types of accidents—any of which could result from negligence—such as:

When it comes to proving legal liability for long-term injury, the road to achieving compensation will very much depend on the unique facts and circumstances of your case. At a minimum, you need to prove that the other party was negligent, which means that their failure to observe their legal duty of care caused your injuries and subsequent harm.

Our diligent legal team at OnderLaw can investigate the incident to identify whether one or multiple parties may be legally liable for your long-term injury. These potentially responsible parties can range from a reckless driver to a careless medical professional to a negligent corporation.

We can speak with eyewitnesses, collect testimony from medical experts and other credible sources, gather evidence and documentation for your case, and handle the insurance claim from start to finish on your behalf. While you focus on healing from your injury, we can work to obtain the maximum compensation you need and deserve for what happened to you.

Claiming Compensation for a Long-Term Injury

Most long-term injury claims are subject to a five-year filing window, but this timeframe can vary depending on your state’s statute of limitations. Generally, that five-year period starts on the date of your incident, but there are exceptions. Your attorney can explain the lawsuit filing deadline that applies to your case and make sure that the correct documentation and procedures are followed accordingly.

When you suffer a long-term injury due to someone’s negligence, you could be entitled to economic, non-economic, and potentially punitive damages. Economic damages have a fixed dollar amount, while non-economic damages do not. Still, both are recoverable losses that will play a significant role in calculating the final value of your case.

Examples of economic damages are your medical bills, the cost of your physical therapy, surgeries, or any other treatment related to your injury. This category of damages could also include your lost income and future lost earning ability due to your injury.

Non-economic damages refer to losses like your pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and the lost life enjoyment you have experienced because of your injury. Punitive damages, on the other hand, are not awarded in all cases. However, in situations where the at-fault party showed a wanton and reckless disregard for your safety, you could be entitled to claim these damages in addition to your economic and non-economic losses.

Contact an Attorney About Starting Your Personal Injury Case

A long-term injury could take a tremendous physical toll, but the psychological, emotional, and financial impact of this kind of injury can also be unbearable. Our compassionate lawyers at OnderLaw can walk by your side during this difficult time and navigate the complexities of the legal system on your behalf.

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