Wentzville – Fatal Crash Victims Identified

The victims of last Monday’s highway crash in Wentzville have been identified by officials.

A 2019 Chrysler 300 crashed at the Highway 61/I-70 interchange, reportedly while trying to flee authorities. Three motorists died in the crash, while a fourth occupant sustained serious injuries. Officials have identified the injured motorist as 28-year-old Mark A. Miller. 19-year-old Keshaun A. Wade, 21-year-old Antione S. Wade, and 22-year-old Rashad D. Hill were all killed in the crash and subsequent blaze. The incident is still under investigation.

Negligent behavior on the road frequently causes accidents that hurt or kill people. With this in mind, motorists involved in crashes, or their families, are always advised to consult personal injury experts who can evaluate their cases and make suggestions that can help them cope and find closure.