The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Even if you do everything right as a motorcycle rider, you may still be at risk of suffering serious injuries in an accident caused by another driver acting recklessly or carelessly around you. No matter what specifically leads to a motorcycle wreck, you’re unfortunately likely to suffer more significant physical trauma in it compared to what the average motor vehicle occupant might sustain in a similar collision.

While there aren’t any parts of the body that are immune from suffering serious trauma from a motorcycle crash, some areas of the body are more susceptible to injury in incidents like this than others. Here are some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries that may give rise to a lawsuit, all of which a trusted attorney at OnderLaw can help build a strong civil claim around.

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Injuries Below the Waist

The single most commonly injured area of the body in motorcycle accidents is the lower extremities—in other words, the feet, legs, and pelvis. This is because, while every part of the body may be exposed to the forces involved in a motorcycle crash without protection from car safety features like airbags, the legs are most likely to get trapped between the frame of the motorcycle and whatever vehicle or stationary object the motorcycle collides with.

Fractures to bones in the legs and hips stemming from motorcycle accidents can be especially debilitating and difficult to recover from, since they may involve the bones being crushed or fractured in multiple places at once. Likewise, ligament damage, muscle tears, and even widespread “road rash” can take months to fully heal and may be expensive and inconvenient to treat in the short term.

Injuries to Upper Extremities

Another common motorcycle-related injury is damage to the arms and hands caused by a rider being ejected from their motorcycle and trying to stop or brace themselves before impacting the ground. Beyond fractures, soft-tissue injuries, and lacerations to the upper extremities, this kind of trauma can also result in serious damage to the shoulders in the form of injuries like rotator cuff tears and dislocations. Direct impacts to the upper body in accidents involving a motor vehicle sideswiping or T-boning a motorcyclist can likewise cause serious damage to this area of the body.

Torso Injuries

Injuries to the legs and arms are particularly common outcomes of motorcycle crashes—but with relatively few exceptions—they won’t cause permanent and debilitating harm. The same cannot be said for injuries to the torso resulting in broken ribs or damage to internal organs, and especially to any accident resulting in spinal cord damage. Even a slight injury to the spinal cord may require months of intensive medical treatment and recovery, and more serious damage can result in irreversible paralysis.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Last but certainly not least, motorcyclists are uniquely susceptible to suffering life-changing trauma to the skull, face, and especially brain in high-speed motorcycle wrecks—particularly those involving collisions with other motor vehicles. While wearing a properly fitted and approved motorcycle helmet can substantially reduce the risk of this sort of injury, it is far from uncommon for motorcyclists to sustain traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) as a result of the negligence of other drivers. Working closely with a dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer at OnderLaw can be vital to obtaining justice and recovering fairly from the short and long-term effects of this type of injury.

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