The Most Common Injuries in Truck Accidents

Even at relatively low speeds, collisions involving tractor-trailers tend to cause especially serious injuries compared to any other type of traffic collision. Because of that, truck accidents also tend to make for uniquely complicated civil claims, especially if there is any debate about who is to blame for causing the wreck in the first place.

Assuming you can prove someone else was at fault for the crash, if you have suffered an injury that is serious enough to require professional medical care, you have likely incurred expenses and losses that require a civil lawsuit or settlement demand to recover. Below are some of the most common injuries in truck accidents that our dedicated team of legal professionals at OnderLaw have experience recovering for through both successful lawsuits and settlements.

Cuts, Bruises, and Burns

Although they’ll usually heal completely over time, small cuts and bruises from a traumatic truck crash can still be painful and debilitating in the short term. Deeper lacerations may cause permanent scarring and disfigurement. Burns caused by fuel, oil, fire, or an explosion are even more dangerous—particularly second- and third-degree burns, which can have disfiguring and potentially deadly repercussions if not treated quickly after occurring.

Broken Bones

Just about any bone in the body can potentially fracture during a serious truck wreck, given the immense forces involved in these collisions. That said, it’s particularly common for truck accident victims to suffer breaks in various bones in their limbs, hands, or feet, as well as in the ribs, pelvis, and—in extreme cases—the face and skull.

Spinal Cord Damage

On the subject of fractures, one of the most dangerous places for one to occur is in any of the vertebrae of the spine, as it can lead to the spinal cord sustaining damage. Since the spinal cord is the main pathway through which all nervous system signals travel, any damage to it can result in permanent paralysis in every part of the body below the injury site.

Severe Brain Trauma

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be an equally catastrophic outcome of a truck accident compared to spinal cord damage, as it can also lead to substantial loss of bodily function. Beyond just loss of movement and sensation, though, brain damage can make it so that a truck crash victim undergoes dramatic changes in personality, cannot concentrate or remember things as they used to, or—in the worst cases—cannot care for themselves daily without help.

Internal Organ Damage

Any impact to the torso during a truck wreck has the potential to cause severe and possibly irreversible trauma to one or more internal lungs. This type of injury often causes permanent and debilitating damage and can sometimes be fatal even with immediate emergency medical care.

Limb Amputation

When a truck crash leads to someone’s arm or leg being trapped or crushed between pieces of jagged metal, the result is all too often the total separation of that limb from the body. Whether it happens during the crash itself or becomes necessary afterward to save the injured person’s life, loss of limb is invariably one of the worst consequences any kind of auto accident can have.

We Can Help You Take Back Your Life After a Severe Truck Accident Injury

If you suffered any of these common truck accident injuries due to someone else’s misconduct, you have help available to you from our reliable, trustworthy, and compassionate legal professionals. At OnderLaw, we’re not just on your side; we’re by your side.

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