Surf 9 Paddleboards Recalled for Glue Problem, Drowning Hazard

man and woman paddle boarding on a gray Body Glove tandem paddleboardWe may not give much thought to the glue used to manufacture products that is, until things start to fall apart. This is exactly what happened to Surf 9 when, in December, it had to recall some 13,300 Body Glove Tandem and ULI Inflatable Paddle Boards sold through Cosco. The reason for this product recall was that the glue holding the the seams of the inflatable boards together failed to do its job.

Problems with the seams of some of the inflatable boards had resulted in them suddenly and unexpectedly deflating while in use, becoming a drowning hazard.

These products, sold to consumers who had purchased them from Cosco, were recalled by Surf 9 in December 2022.

Consumer law is very specific and US product safety regulations are reported upon by the CPSC, which deals with everything, from toys, to textiles, and even paddle boards.

There are also product safety law related specifically to adhesives, or glues. Regulations given on the CPSC website specify rules governing the use of all kinds of adhesives, from those containing methyl alcohol, to adhesives with a cyanoacrylate base, to those with a nitrocellulose base containing methyl alcohol.

Even adhesives with ‘extremely flammable content’ are considered in the rules and regulations.

It’s this pedantic attention to detail inherent in the law which is ultimately there to protect consumers and which is, in its own way, the glue that holds the consumer safety legal system together.

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