Sig Sauer Faces Lawsuit over Gun Discharges

Product liability lawsuits range from the mild to the wild – literally. A recent lawsuit against New Hampshire gun manufacturer Sig Sauer has made their P320 pistols appear to be something straight out of the Wild West.

More than 100 incidents of Sig Sauer P320 pistols going off without anyone pulling the trigger have been documented. This week, a group of 20 people, many of them police and federal law enforcement officers, claim to have been wounded by Sig Sauer pistols. They have stepped up to the plate to sue the company.

This group of complainants allege they were wounded by the rogue pistols. In some of these incidents, the gun fired while still in its holster, seriously injuring officers in their legs or hips.

The lawsuits allege that the gun is not just a danger to the officers wielding the weapon but to those around them as well.

One of the plaintiffs, 62-year-old Dinicio DJ Delgado, has been a firearms safety instructor for 20 years. He was injured in the leg when the gun discharged as he put it into his holster.

A Sig Sauer spokesperson has claimed that the guns are completely safe and include internal safeties, but if numbers are anything to go by, the guns are to be handled with caution.

This is not the first time the P320 pistols have made headlines. Sig Sauer faced a lawsuit involving P320 pistols in 2017.

Every person has the right to safety. While one can’t necessarily put a financial value to this right, suing might be one of the best ways to get companies to think twice before releasing dangerous products. Holding corporations financially accountable seems, in many cases, to be the only way to change they way they do business. Contact our office today to speak to an experienced attorney.