Shhh! Why You Should Avoid Talking about Your Case

Everything you discuss with your legal team is confidential — for a reason.

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Friday, January 31, 2020 – When you’ve been wronged and you’re standing up for your rights in court, whether you’re involved in a courtroom trial or you’re walking that journey with thousands of other people in a mass tort case, it’s easy to want to speak out. After all, you know you’re standing on the right side of history by standing up to a big corporation that has put profits over people.

As tempting as it is, however, it’s important to avoid talking openly about your case on social media, blogs, or in other public forums. That bears repeating: Do not talk about your case online or in other public forums.

Everything you discuss with your legal team is confidential and should not be discussed in public.

Recently, we’ve seen several people discuss specific details of their cases, including medical diagnoses and potential settlement amounts for different litigations on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. If we can see them, so can the other side’s defense team.

Settlement negotiations are serious business. While we’re working hard to compile evidence and make a case for you, the defense team is working equally hard to discredit everything we do. Without knowing it, you can divulge information online that not only puts your case in jeopardy, but that also affects thousands of other cases.

Remember, everything from your medical diagnosis to potential settlement amounts that you discuss with your legal team is confidential. Also remember that nothing in these cases is guaranteed. Though we believe in your case, we have no way of knowing what the court will decide or, in the case of a settlement, what negotiations will bring.

What we do know is that the OnderLaw team will do everything possible to fight for you.

Thank you for putting your trust in us, and in understanding the importance of confidentiality throughout the process.

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