Polk Township – Rear-End Truck Crash With Injuries

A motorist was seriously hurt in a rear-end crash in Polk Township Thursday afternoon.

At 12:20 p.m., an SUV driven by 17-year-old Megan Waddle was stopped at the intersection of Highway 63 and Buck Creek Road when the vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer driven by 32-year-old John Sidler of Boone, Iowa. Waddle was attempting to turn to Buck Creek Road when she was struck. She sustained injuries and had to be transported to the hospital for treatment. The incident is currently under investigation.

Rear-end collisions can cause long-term or debilitating injuries, so it only makes sense to establish accountability as quickly as possible. People who are injured in similar scenarios would be best-served by consulting personal injury experts who can represent them and make appropriate suggestions with regard to filing damage/compensation claims.