Pineville – Multiple Injuries In Multi-Vehicle Accident

Several motorists were hospitalized following a crash in Pineville Friday afternoon.

At approximately 1:15 p.m., four northbound vehicles collided on US Highway 71 crossing Pineville. 30-year-old Peter Khadafy of Webb City was in the lead car. He and two passengers were taken to the hospital. Khadafy’s car was struck by a second vehicle driven by 24-year-old Bruce J. Allard of Noel. Allard was not hospitalized, but his passenger had to be transported. The third vehicle was driven by 47-year-old Kimberly S. Lucas of Pineville. She was slightly hurt but refused treatment. The fourth vehicle was a tractor-trailer operated by 58-year-old Steven L. Fryar of Thomasville, North Carolina. He was not injured. The incident is still under investigation.

Chain-reaction crashes are typically caused by just one culprit vehicle and frequently involve reckless or negligent behavior. Regardless of circumstances, these accidents will be thoroughly investigated so that liability can always be established. That said, motorists injured in road accidents involving negligence are advised to seek legal guidance so that they can be informed of appropriate avenues they can explore and pursue.