Ortal Gas Fireplaces Recalled for Fire Dangers

Ortal Traditional 90 gas stove lit and looking beautifulSome buyers of the Traditional 90 and Traditional 110 gas fireplaces by Ortal were recently given more fire than they had bargained for from the fireplaces. The company had to recall models of its gas fireplaces after receiving numerous reports of unwarranted fire. The reason for these fires is alleged to have been the improper installation of the fireplaces.

Gas products have time and again been a personal injury concern and focus of lawsuits. This is because using gas requires a special responsibility and steady hand.

Around the time Ortal was busy recalling its gas fireplaces, gas stoves were in fact making headlines on major news sites, like CNN.

This past month, CNN reported the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s consideration of officially banning gas stoves.

Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. is quoted saying in CNN reports that gas stoves are a ‘hidden hazard’. However, a White House spokesperson has said President Biden does not support banning gas stoves.

Gas stoves and other related gas products have at times caused fire, and not just as a result of fire hazards, but through initiating heated debate. Still, there are possibly times when a little debate and perhaps legal intervention is necessary. This, especially when separating truth from lies and determining what is in the best interests of the consumer is concerned.

Questions of personal safety should not even come into the equation when buying household products.

A fireplace and a stove are the very things which turn houses into homes—into nests which we want to return to at the end of long, cold or tiring days. They’re also a matter of necessity. Increased electric demands require alternative methods of heat, as a back-up if nothing else.

Are gas stoves really products that can’t be made safe, as some reports seem to allege?

This is where the real fire comes—and where we wait to hear what the next verdict will be on gas stove. Thankfully in the instance with Ortal, no injuries have been reported. Still, the fiery debate—gas products, safe or not? —it would seem, continues.